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[TEST] Denote which tests are safe to use with samevm
author andrew
date Thu, 22 Sep 2011 01:17:49 +0100
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# This file identifies the root of the test-suite hierarchy.
# It also contains test-suite configuration information.
# DO NOT EDIT without first contacting

# The list of keywords supported in the entire test suite
keys=2d dnd i18n

# List if directory (prefixes) that contain test that are safe to run in
# -samejvm mode. Only used if the test root (dir containing this file) is
# given to jtreg and the -samejvm argument is used, ignored otherwise
# (meaning all tests are assumed to be same jvm safe).
samejvmsafe=com/sun/crypto com/sun/management com/sun/media com/sun/security java/beans/beancontext java/beans/PropertyChangeSupport java/beans/Statement java/beans/VetoableChangeSupport java/lang/Boolean java/lang/Byte java/lang/Double java/lang/Float java/lang/Integer java/lang/Long java/lang/Short java/lang/Math java/lang/StrictMath java/lang/String java/lang/Throwable java/lang/instrument java/math java/net/URI java/net/URLDecoder java/net/URLEncoder java/nio/Buffer java/nio/ByteOrder java/nio/MappedByteBuffer java/nio/channels/Channels java/nio/channels/DatagramChannel java/nio/channels/spi java/security/cert java/security/Provider java/text java/util/jar java/util/zip java/util/Array java/util/BitSet java/util/Collection java/util/List javax/imageio javax/management/openmbean javax/rmi javax/sound sun/net/www/protocol sun/misc sun/nio sun/security/pkcs11 sun/security/rsa sun/util