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7147464: Java crashed while executing method with over 8k of dneg operations Summary: replace recursive method with iterative Reviewed-by: kvn, twisti Contributed-by:
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date Mon, 16 Jul 2012 15:31:18 -0400
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duke@10 1
duke@10 3
duke@10 4 The OpenJDK source code made available by Sun at and
duke@10 5 ("OpenJDK Code") is distributed under the terms of the
duke@10 6 GNU General Public License <> version 2
duke@10 7 only ("GPL2"), with the following clarification and special exception.
duke@10 8
duke@10 9 Linking this OpenJDK Code statically or dynamically with other code
duke@10 10 is making a combined work based on this library. Thus, the terms
duke@10 11 and conditions of GPL2 cover the whole combination.
duke@10 12
duke@10 13 As a special exception, Sun gives you permission to link this
duke@10 14 OpenJDK Code with certain code licensed by Sun as indicated at
duke@10 15
duke@10 16 ("Designated Exception Modules") to produce an executable,
duke@10 17 regardless of the license terms of the Designated Exception Modules,
duke@10 18 and to copy and distribute the resulting executable under GPL2,
duke@10 19 provided that the Designated Exception Modules continue to be
duke@10 20 governed by the licenses under which they were offered by Sun.
duke@10 21
duke@10 22 As such, it allows licensees and sublicensees of Sun's GPL2 OpenJDK Code to
duke@10 23 build an executable that includes those portions of necessary code that Sun
duke@10 24 could not provide under GPL2 (or that Sun has provided under GPL2 with the
duke@10 25 Classpath exception). If you modify or add to the OpenJDK code, that new
duke@10 26 GPL2 code may still be combined with Designated Exception Modules if the
duke@10 27 new code is made subject to this exception by its copyright holder.