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6877254: Server vm crashes with no branches off of store slice" when run with CMS and UseSuperWord(default) Summary: design StoreCMNode::Ideal to promote its oopStore input if the input is a MergeMem node Reviewed-by: kvn, never
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class Arena;
class Bundle;
class Block;
class Block_Array;
class Node;
class Node_Array;
class Node_List;
class PhaseCFG;
class PhaseChaitin;
class Pipeline_Use_Element;
class Pipeline_Use;

#ifndef PRODUCT
#define DEBUG_ARG(x) , x
#define DEBUG_ARG(x)

// Define the initial sizes for allocation of the resizable code buffer
enum {
  initial_code_capacity  =  16 * 1024,
  initial_stub_capacity  =   4 * 1024,
  initial_const_capacity =   4 * 1024,
  initial_locs_capacity  =   3 * 1024

// This class contains all the information necessary to implement instruction
// scheduling and bundling.
class Scheduling {

  // Arena to use
  Arena *_arena;

  // Control-Flow Graph info
  PhaseCFG *_cfg;

  // Register Allocation info
  PhaseRegAlloc *_regalloc;

  // Number of nodes in the method
  uint _node_bundling_limit;

  // List of scheduled nodes. Generated in reverse order
  Node_List _scheduled;

  // List of nodes currently available for choosing for scheduling
  Node_List _available;

  // Mapping from node (index) to basic block
  Block_Array& _bbs;

  // For each instruction beginning a bundle, the number of following
  // nodes to be bundled with it.
  Bundle *_node_bundling_base;

  // Mapping from register to Node
  Node_List _reg_node;

  // Free list for pinch nodes.
  Node_List _pinch_free_list;

  // Latency from the beginning of the containing basic block (base 1)
  // for each node.
  unsigned short *_node_latency;

  // Number of uses of this node within the containing basic block.
  short *_uses;

  // Schedulable portion of current block.  Skips Region/Phi/CreateEx up
  // front, branch+proj at end.  Also skips Catch/CProj (same as
  // branch-at-end), plus just-prior exception-throwing call.
  uint _bb_start, _bb_end;

  // Latency from the end of the basic block as scheduled
  unsigned short *_current_latency;

  // Remember the next node
  Node *_next_node;

  // Use this for an unconditional branch delay slot
  Node *_unconditional_delay_slot;

  // Pointer to a Nop
  MachNopNode *_nop;

  // Length of the current bundle, in instructions
  uint _bundle_instr_count;

  // Current Cycle number, for computing latencies and bundling
  uint _bundle_cycle_number;

  // Bundle information
  Pipeline_Use_Element _bundle_use_elements[resource_count];
  Pipeline_Use         _bundle_use;

  // Dump the available list
  void dump_available() const;

  Scheduling(Arena *arena, Compile &compile);

  // Destructor
  NOT_PRODUCT( ~Scheduling(); )

  // Step ahead "i" cycles
  void step(uint i);

  // Step ahead 1 cycle, and clear the bundle state (for example,
  // at a branch target)
  void step_and_clear();

  Bundle* node_bundling(const Node *n) {
    assert(valid_bundle_info(n), "oob");
    return (&_node_bundling_base[n->_idx]);

  bool valid_bundle_info(const Node *n) const {
    return (_node_bundling_limit > n->_idx);

  bool starts_bundle(const Node *n) const {
    return (_node_bundling_limit > n->_idx && _node_bundling_base[n->_idx].starts_bundle());

  // Do the scheduling
  void DoScheduling();

  // Compute the local latencies walking forward over the list of
  // nodes for a basic block
  void ComputeLocalLatenciesForward(const Block *bb);

  // Compute the register antidependencies within a basic block
  void ComputeRegisterAntidependencies(Block *bb);
  void verify_do_def( Node *n, OptoReg::Name def, const char *msg );
  void verify_good_schedule( Block *b, const char *msg );
  void anti_do_def( Block *b, Node *def, OptoReg::Name def_reg, int is_def );
  void anti_do_use( Block *b, Node *use, OptoReg::Name use_reg );

  // Add a node to the current bundle
  void AddNodeToBundle(Node *n, const Block *bb);

  // Add a node to the list of available nodes
  void AddNodeToAvailableList(Node *n);

  // Compute the local use count for the nodes in a block, and compute
  // the list of instructions with no uses in the block as available
  void ComputeUseCount(const Block *bb);

  // Choose an instruction from the available list to add to the bundle
  Node * ChooseNodeToBundle();

  // See if this Node fits into the currently accumulating bundle
  bool NodeFitsInBundle(Node *n);

  // Decrement the use count for a node
 void DecrementUseCounts(Node *n, const Block *bb);

  // Garbage collect pinch nodes for reuse by other blocks.
  void garbage_collect_pinch_nodes();
  // Clean up a pinch node for reuse (helper for above).
  void cleanup_pinch( Node *pinch );

  // Information for statistics gathering
#ifndef PRODUCT
  // Gather information on size of nops relative to total
  uint _branches, _unconditional_delays;

  static uint _total_nop_size, _total_method_size;
  static uint _total_branches, _total_unconditional_delays;
  static uint _total_instructions_per_bundle[Pipeline::_max_instrs_per_cycle+1];

  static void print_statistics();

  static void increment_instructions_per_bundle(uint i) {

  static void increment_nop_size(uint s) {
    _total_nop_size += s;

  static void increment_method_size(uint s) {
    _total_method_size += s;