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6877254: Server vm crashes with no branches off of store slice" when run with CMS and UseSuperWord(default) Summary: design StoreCMNode::Ideal to promote its oopStore input if the input is a MergeMem node Reviewed-by: kvn, never
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class Node;
class Matcher;
class PhaseCFG;

#define  MAX_REG_ALLOCATORS   10

// Abstract register allocator
class PhaseRegAlloc : public Phase {
  static void (*_alloc_statistics[MAX_REG_ALLOCATORS])();
  static int _num_allocators;

  OptoRegPair  *_node_regs;
  uint         _node_regs_max_index;
  VectorSet    _node_oops;         // Mapping from node indices to oopiness

  void alloc_node_regs(int size);  // allocate _node_regs table with at least "size" elements

  PhaseRegAlloc( uint unique, PhaseCFG &cfg, Matcher &matcher,
                 void (*pr_stats)());
  PhaseCFG &_cfg;               // Control flow graph
  uint _framesize;              // Size of frame in stack-slots. not counting preserve area
  OptoReg::Name _max_reg;       // Past largest register seen
  Matcher &_matcher;            // Convert Ideal to MachNodes
  uint node_regs_max_index() const { return _node_regs_max_index; }

  // Get the register associated with the Node
  OptoReg::Name get_reg_first( const Node *n ) const {
    debug_only( if( n->_idx >= _node_regs_max_index ) n->dump(); );
    assert( n->_idx < _node_regs_max_index, "Exceeded _node_regs array");
    return _node_regs[n->_idx].first();
  OptoReg::Name get_reg_second( const Node *n ) const {
    debug_only( if( n->_idx >= _node_regs_max_index ) n->dump(); );
    assert( n->_idx < _node_regs_max_index, "Exceeded _node_regs array");
    return _node_regs[n->_idx].second();

  // Do all the real work of allocate
  virtual void Register_Allocate() = 0;

  // notify the register allocator that "node" is a new reference
  // to the value produced by "old_node"
  virtual void add_reference( const Node *node, const Node *old_node) = 0;

  // Set the register associated with a new Node
  void set_bad( uint idx ) {
    assert( idx < _node_regs_max_index, "Exceeded _node_regs array");
  void set1( uint idx, OptoReg::Name reg ) {
    assert( idx < _node_regs_max_index, "Exceeded _node_regs array");
  void set2( uint idx, OptoReg::Name reg ) {
    assert( idx < _node_regs_max_index, "Exceeded _node_regs array");
  void set_pair( uint idx, OptoReg::Name hi, OptoReg::Name lo ) {
    assert( idx < _node_regs_max_index, "Exceeded _node_regs array");
    _node_regs[idx].set_pair(hi, lo);
  void set_ptr( uint idx, OptoReg::Name reg ) {
    assert( idx < _node_regs_max_index, "Exceeded _node_regs array");
  // Set and query if a node produces an oop
  void set_oop( const Node *n, bool );
  bool is_oop( const Node *n ) const;

  // Convert a register number to a stack offset
  int reg2offset          ( OptoReg::Name reg ) const;
  int reg2offset_unchecked( OptoReg::Name reg ) const;

  // Convert a stack offset to a register number
  OptoReg::Name offset2reg( int stk_offset ) const;

  // Get the register encoding associated with the Node
  int get_encode( const Node *n ) const {
    assert( n->_idx < _node_regs_max_index, "Exceeded _node_regs array");
    OptoReg::Name first = _node_regs[n->_idx].first();
    OptoReg::Name second = _node_regs[n->_idx].second();
    assert( !OptoReg::is_valid(second) || second == first+1, "" );
    assert(OptoReg::is_reg(first), "out of range");
    return Matcher::_regEncode[first];

  // Platform dependent hook for actions prior to allocation
  void  pd_preallocate_hook();

#ifdef ASSERT
  // Platform dependent hook for verification after allocation.  Will
  // only get called when compiling with asserts.
  void  pd_postallocate_verify_hook();

#ifndef PRODUCT
  static int _total_framesize;
  static int _max_framesize;

  virtual void dump_frame() const = 0;
  virtual char *dump_register( const Node *n, char *buf  ) const = 0;
  static void print_statistics();