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#include "gc/shared/collectedHeap.hpp"
#include "gc/shared/genOopClosures.hpp"
#include "gc/shared/taskqueue.hpp"
#include "memory/iterator.hpp"
#include "oops/markOop.hpp"
#include "oops/oop.hpp"
#include "runtime/timer.hpp"
#include "utilities/growableArray.hpp"
#include "utilities/stack.hpp"

class ReferenceProcessor;
class DataLayout;
class SerialOldTracer;
class STWGCTimer;

// MarkSweep takes care of global mark-compact garbage collection for a
// GenCollectedHeap using a four-phase pointer forwarding algorithm.  All
// generations are assumed to support marking; those that can also support
// compaction.
// Class unloading will only occur when a full gc is invoked.

// declared at end
class PreservedMark;
class MarkAndPushClosure;
class AdjustPointerClosure;

class MarkSweep : AllStatic {
  // Inline closure decls
  class FollowRootClosure: public OopsInGenClosure {
    virtual void do_oop(oop* p);
    virtual void do_oop(narrowOop* p);

  class FollowStackClosure: public VoidClosure {
    virtual void do_void();

  // Used for java/lang/ref handling
  class IsAliveClosure: public BoolObjectClosure {
    virtual bool do_object_b(oop p);

  class KeepAliveClosure: public OopClosure {
    template <class T> void do_oop_work(T* p);
    virtual void do_oop(oop* p);
    virtual void do_oop(narrowOop* p);

  // Friend decls
  friend class AdjustPointerClosure;
  friend class KeepAliveClosure;
  friend class VM_MarkSweep;

  // Vars
  // Total invocations of a MarkSweep collection
  static uint _total_invocations;

  // Traversal stacks used during phase1
  static Stack<oop, mtGC>                      _marking_stack;
  static Stack<ObjArrayTask, mtGC>             _objarray_stack;

  // Space for storing/restoring mark word
  static Stack<markOop, mtGC>                  _preserved_mark_stack;
  static Stack<oop, mtGC>                      _preserved_oop_stack;
  static size_t                          _preserved_count;
  static size_t                          _preserved_count_max;
  static PreservedMark*                  _preserved_marks;

  // Reference processing (used in ...follow_contents)
  static ReferenceProcessor*             _ref_processor;

  static STWGCTimer*                     _gc_timer;
  static SerialOldTracer*                _gc_tracer;

  // Non public closures
  static KeepAliveClosure keep_alive;

  static void initialize();

  // Public closures
  static IsAliveClosure       is_alive;
  static FollowRootClosure    follow_root_closure;
  static MarkAndPushClosure   mark_and_push_closure;
  static FollowStackClosure   follow_stack_closure;
  static CLDToOopClosure      follow_cld_closure;
  static AdjustPointerClosure adjust_pointer_closure;
  static CLDToOopClosure      adjust_cld_closure;

  // Accessors
  static uint total_invocations() { return _total_invocations; }

  // Reference Processing
  static ReferenceProcessor* const ref_processor() { return _ref_processor; }
  static void set_ref_processor(ReferenceProcessor* rp);

  static STWGCTimer* gc_timer() { return _gc_timer; }
  static SerialOldTracer* gc_tracer() { return _gc_tracer; }

  static void preserve_mark(oop p, markOop mark);
                                // Save the mark word so it can be restored later
  static void adjust_marks();   // Adjust the pointers in the preserved marks table
  static void restore_marks();  // Restore the marks that we saved in preserve_mark

  static int adjust_pointers(oop obj);

  static void follow_stack();   // Empty marking stack.

  static void follow_klass(Klass* klass);

  static void follow_cld(ClassLoaderData* cld);

  template <class T> static inline void adjust_pointer(T* p);

  // Check mark and maybe push on marking stack
  template <class T> static void mark_and_push(T* p);

  // Call backs for marking
  static void mark_object(oop obj);
  // Mark pointer and follow contents.  Empty marking stack afterwards.
  template <class T> static inline void follow_root(T* p);

  static inline void push_objarray(oop obj, size_t index);

  static void follow_object(oop obj);

  static void follow_array(objArrayOop array);

  static void follow_array_chunk(objArrayOop array, int index);

class MarkAndPushClosure: public ExtendedOopClosure {
  template <typename T> void do_oop_nv(T* p);
  virtual void do_oop(oop* p);
  virtual void do_oop(narrowOop* p);

  virtual bool do_metadata();
  bool do_metadata_nv();

  virtual void do_klass(Klass* k);
  void do_klass_nv(Klass* k);

  virtual void do_cld(ClassLoaderData* cld);
  void do_cld_nv(ClassLoaderData* cld);

  void set_ref_discoverer(ReferenceDiscoverer* rd) {

class AdjustPointerClosure: public OopsInGenClosure {
  template <typename T> void do_oop_nv(T* p);
  virtual void do_oop(oop* p);
  virtual void do_oop(narrowOop* p);
  virtual ReferenceIterationMode reference_iteration_mode() { return DO_FIELDS; }

  // This closure provides its own oop verification code.
  debug_only(virtual bool should_verify_oops() { return false; })

class PreservedMark {
  oop _obj;
  markOop _mark;

  void init(oop obj, markOop mark) {
    _obj = obj;
    _mark = mark;

  void adjust_pointer();
  void restore();