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#include "jni_util.h"

 * Macros to use the right data type for file descriptors
#define FD jint

 * Prototypes for functions in io_util_md.c called from io_util.c,
 * FileDescriptor.c, FileInputStream.c, FileOutputStream.c,
 * UnixFileSystem_md.c
ssize_t handleWrite(FD fd, const void *buf, jint len);
ssize_t handleRead(FD fd, void *buf, jint len);
jint handleAvailable(FD fd, jlong *pbytes);
jint handleSetLength(FD fd, jlong length);
jlong handleGetLength(FD fd);
FD handleOpen(const char *path, int oflag, int mode);

 * Macros to set/get fd from the  These
 * macros rely on having an appropriately defined 'this' object
 * within the scope in which they're used.
 * If GetObjectField returns null, SET_FD will stop and GET_FD
 * will simply return -1 to avoid crashing VM.

#define SET_FD(this, fd, fid) \
    if ((*env)->GetObjectField(env, (this), (fid)) != NULL) \
        (*env)->SetIntField(env, (*env)->GetObjectField(env, (this), (fid)),IO_fd_fdID, (fd))

#define GET_FD(this, fid) \
    (*env)->GetObjectField(env, (this), (fid)) == NULL ? \
        -1 : (*env)->GetIntField(env, (*env)->GetObjectField(env, (this), (fid)), IO_fd_fdID)

 * Macros to set/get fd when inside
#define THIS_FD(obj) (*env)->GetIntField(env, obj, IO_fd_fdID)

 * Route the routines
#define IO_Sync fsync
#define IO_Read handleRead
#define IO_Write handleWrite
#define IO_Append handleWrite
#define IO_Available handleAvailable
#define IO_SetLength handleSetLength
#define IO_GetLength handleGetLength

#define open64 open
#define fstat64 fstat
#define stat64 stat
#define lseek64 lseek
#define ftruncate64 ftruncate
#define IO_Lseek lseek
#define IO_Lseek lseek64

 * On Solaris, the handle field is unused
#define SET_HANDLE(fd) return (jlong)-1

 * Retry the operation if it is interrupted
#define RESTARTABLE(_cmd, _result) do { \
    do { \
        _result = _cmd; \
    } while((_result == -1) && (errno == EINTR)); \
} while(0)

 * IO helper function(s)
void fileClose(JNIEnv *env, jobject this, jfieldID fid);
void fileDescriptorClose(JNIEnv *env, jobject this);

#ifdef MACOSX
jstring newStringPlatform(JNIEnv *env, const char* str);