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#include "gc/z/zAllocationFlags.hpp"
#include "gc/z/zPage.hpp"
#include "gc/z/zValue.hpp"
#include "memory/allocation.hpp"

class ZObjectAllocator {
  const uint         _nworkers;
  ZPerCPU<size_t>    _used;
  ZContended<ZPage*> _shared_medium_page;
  ZPerCPU<ZPage*>    _shared_small_page;
  ZPerWorker<ZPage*> _worker_small_page;

  ZPage* alloc_page(uint8_t type, size_t size, ZAllocationFlags flags);

  // Allocate an object in a shared page. Allocate and
  // atomically install a new page if necessary.
  uintptr_t alloc_object_in_shared_page(ZPage** shared_page,
                                        uint8_t page_type,
                                        size_t page_size,
                                        size_t size,
                                        ZAllocationFlags flags);

  uintptr_t alloc_large_object(size_t size, ZAllocationFlags flags);
  uintptr_t alloc_medium_object(size_t size, ZAllocationFlags flags);
  uintptr_t alloc_small_object_from_nonworker(size_t size, ZAllocationFlags flags);
  uintptr_t alloc_small_object_from_worker(size_t size, ZAllocationFlags flags);
  uintptr_t alloc_small_object(size_t size, ZAllocationFlags flags);
  uintptr_t alloc_object(size_t size, ZAllocationFlags flags);

  bool undo_alloc_large_object(ZPage* page);
  bool undo_alloc_medium_object(ZPage* page, uintptr_t addr, size_t size);
  bool undo_alloc_small_object_from_nonworker(ZPage* page, uintptr_t addr, size_t size);
  bool undo_alloc_small_object_from_worker(ZPage* page, uintptr_t addr, size_t size);
  bool undo_alloc_small_object(ZPage* page, uintptr_t addr, size_t size);
  bool undo_alloc_object(ZPage* page, uintptr_t addr, size_t size);

  ZObjectAllocator(uint nworkers);

  uintptr_t alloc_object(size_t size);

  uintptr_t alloc_object_for_relocation(size_t size);
  void undo_alloc_object_for_relocation(ZPage* page, uintptr_t addr, size_t size);

  size_t used() const;
  size_t remaining() const;

  void retire_tlabs();
  void remap_tlabs();