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#ifndef AWT_CHOICE_H
#define AWT_CHOICE_H

#include "awt_Component.h"

#include "java_awt_Choice.h"
#include "sun_awt_windows_WChoicePeer.h"

 * Component class for system provided buttons

class AwtChoice : public AwtComponent {

    virtual LPCTSTR GetClassName();
    static AwtChoice* Create(jobject peer, jobject hParent);

    virtual void Dispose();

    virtual void Reshape(int x, int y, int w, int h);
    void ResetDropDownHeight();
    int GetDropDownHeight();

#ifdef DEBUG
    void VerifyState(); /* verify component and peer are in sync. */

    /*for multifont list */
    jobject PreferredItemSize(JNIEnv *env);

     * Windows message handler functions
    MsgRouting WmNotify(UINT notifyCode);

    /* for multifont choice */
    MsgRouting OwnerDrawItem(UINT ctrlId, DRAWITEMSTRUCT& drawInfo);
    MsgRouting OwnerMeasureItem(UINT ctrlId, MEASUREITEMSTRUCT& measureInfo);

    /* Workaround for bug #4338368 */
    MsgRouting WmKillFocus(HWND hWndGotFocus);
    MsgRouting WmMouseUp(UINT flags, int x, int y, int button);

    MsgRouting HandleEvent(MSG *msg, BOOL synthetic);

    INLINE HWND GetDBCSEditHandle() { return GetHWnd(); }
    virtual void SetFont(AwtFont *pFont);
    virtual BOOL InheritsNativeMouseWheelBehavior();
    virtual void SetDragCapture(UINT flags);
    virtual void ReleaseDragCapture(UINT flags);

    static BOOL mouseCapture;
    static BOOL skipNextMouseUp;

    // called on Toolkit thread from JNI
    static void _Reshape(void *param);
    static void _Select(void *param);
    static void _AddItems(void *param);
    static void _Remove(void *param);
    static void _RemoveAll(void *param);
    static void _CloseList(void *param);

    int GetFieldHeight();
    int GetTotalHeight();
    static BOOL sm_isMouseMoveInList;
    HWND m_hList;
    WNDPROC m_listDefWindowProc;
    static LRESULT CALLBACK ListWindowProc(HWND hwnd, UINT message,
                                           WPARAM wParam, LPARAM lParam);

#endif /* AWT_CHOICE_H */