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8052172: Evacuation failure handling in G1 does not evacuate all objects if -XX:-G1DeferredRSUpdate is set Summary: Remove -XX:-G1DeferredRSUpdate functionality as it is racy. During evacuation failure handling, threads where evacuation failure handling occurred may try to add remembered sets to regions which remembered sets are currently being scanned. The iterator to handle the remembered set scan does not support addition of entries during scan and so may skip valid references. Reviewed-by: iveresov, brutisso, mgerdin
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date Tue, 16 Sep 2014 10:28:15 +0200
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#include "precompiled.hpp"
#include "gc_implementation/g1/g1CollectedHeap.inline.hpp"
#include "gc_implementation/g1/g1GCPhaseTimes.hpp"
#include "gc_implementation/g1/g1Log.hpp"
#include "gc_implementation/g1/g1StringDedup.hpp"
#include "runtime/atomic.inline.hpp"

// Helper class for avoiding interleaved logging
class LineBuffer: public StackObj {

  static const int BUFFER_LEN = 1024;
  static const int INDENT_CHARS = 3;
  char _buffer[BUFFER_LEN];
  int _indent_level;
  int _cur;

  void vappend(const char* format, va_list ap)  ATTRIBUTE_PRINTF(2, 0) {
    int res = vsnprintf(&_buffer[_cur], BUFFER_LEN - _cur, format, ap);
    if (res != -1) {
      _cur += res;
    } else {
      DEBUG_ONLY(warning("buffer too small in LineBuffer");)
      _buffer[BUFFER_LEN -1] = 0;
      _cur = BUFFER_LEN; // vsnprintf above should not add to _buffer if we are called again

  explicit LineBuffer(int indent_level): _indent_level(indent_level), _cur(0) {
    for (; (_cur < BUFFER_LEN && _cur < (_indent_level * INDENT_CHARS)); _cur++) {
      _buffer[_cur] = ' ';

#ifndef PRODUCT
  ~LineBuffer() {
    assert(_cur == _indent_level * INDENT_CHARS, "pending data in buffer - append_and_print_cr() not called?");

  void append(const char* format, ...)  ATTRIBUTE_PRINTF(2, 3) {
    va_list ap;
    va_start(ap, format);
    vappend(format, ap);

  void append_and_print_cr(const char* format, ...)  ATTRIBUTE_PRINTF(2, 3) {
    va_list ap;
    va_start(ap, format);
    vappend(format, ap);
    gclog_or_tty->print_cr("%s", _buffer);
    _cur = _indent_level * INDENT_CHARS;

template <class T>
void WorkerDataArray<T>::print(int level, const char* title) {
  if (_length == 1) {
    // No need for min, max, average and sum for only one worker
    LineBuffer buf(level);
    buf.append("[%s:  ", title);
    buf.append(_print_format, _data[0]);

  T min = _data[0];
  T max = _data[0];
  T sum = 0;

  LineBuffer buf(level);
  buf.append("[%s:", title);
  for (uint i = 0; i < _length; ++i) {
    T val = _data[i];
    min = MIN2(val, min);
    max = MAX2(val, max);
    sum += val;
    if (G1Log::finest()) {
      buf.append("  ");
      buf.append(_print_format, val);

  if (G1Log::finest()) {
    buf.append_and_print_cr("%s", "");

  double avg = (double)sum / (double)_length;
  buf.append(" Min: ");
  buf.append(_print_format, min);
  buf.append(", Avg: ");
  buf.append("%.1lf", avg); // Always print average as a double
  buf.append(", Max: ");
  buf.append(_print_format, max);
  buf.append(", Diff: ");
  buf.append(_print_format, max - min);
  if (_print_sum) {
    // for things like the start and end times the sum is not
    // that relevant
    buf.append(", Sum: ");
    buf.append(_print_format, sum);

#ifndef PRODUCT

template <> const int WorkerDataArray<int>::_uninitialized = -1;
template <> const double WorkerDataArray<double>::_uninitialized = -1.0;
template <> const size_t WorkerDataArray<size_t>::_uninitialized = (size_t)-1;

template <class T>
void WorkerDataArray<T>::reset() {
  for (uint i = 0; i < _length; i++) {
    _data[i] = (T)_uninitialized;

template <class T>
void WorkerDataArray<T>::verify() {
  for (uint i = 0; i < _length; i++) {
    assert(_data[i] != _uninitialized,
        err_msg("Invalid data for worker %u, data: %lf, uninitialized: %lf",
            i, (double)_data[i], (double)_uninitialized));


G1GCPhaseTimes::G1GCPhaseTimes(uint max_gc_threads) :
  _last_gc_worker_start_times_ms(_max_gc_threads, "%.1lf", false),
  _last_ext_root_scan_times_ms(_max_gc_threads, "%.1lf"),
  _last_satb_filtering_times_ms(_max_gc_threads, "%.1lf"),
  _last_update_rs_times_ms(_max_gc_threads, "%.1lf"),
  _last_update_rs_processed_buffers(_max_gc_threads, "%d"),
  _last_scan_rs_times_ms(_max_gc_threads, "%.1lf"),
  _last_strong_code_root_scan_times_ms(_max_gc_threads, "%.1lf"),
  _last_obj_copy_times_ms(_max_gc_threads, "%.1lf"),
  _last_termination_times_ms(_max_gc_threads, "%.1lf"),
  _last_termination_attempts(_max_gc_threads, SIZE_FORMAT),
  _last_gc_worker_end_times_ms(_max_gc_threads, "%.1lf", false),
  _last_gc_worker_times_ms(_max_gc_threads, "%.1lf"),
  _last_gc_worker_other_times_ms(_max_gc_threads, "%.1lf"),
  _last_redirty_logged_cards_time_ms(_max_gc_threads, "%.1lf"),
  _last_redirty_logged_cards_processed_cards(_max_gc_threads, SIZE_FORMAT),
  _cur_string_dedup_queue_fixup_worker_times_ms(_max_gc_threads, "%.1lf"),
  _cur_string_dedup_table_fixup_worker_times_ms(_max_gc_threads, "%.1lf")
  assert(max_gc_threads > 0, "Must have some GC threads");

void G1GCPhaseTimes::note_gc_start(uint active_gc_threads) {
  assert(active_gc_threads > 0, "The number of threads must be > 0");
  assert(active_gc_threads <= _max_gc_threads, "The number of active threads must be <= the max nubmer of threads");
  _active_gc_threads = active_gc_threads;




void G1GCPhaseTimes::note_gc_end() {

  for (uint i = 0; i < _active_gc_threads; i++) {
    double worker_time = _last_gc_worker_end_times_ms.get(i) - _last_gc_worker_start_times_ms.get(i);
    _last_gc_worker_times_ms.set(i, worker_time);

    double worker_known_time = _last_ext_root_scan_times_ms.get(i) +
                               _last_satb_filtering_times_ms.get(i) +
                               _last_update_rs_times_ms.get(i) +
                               _last_scan_rs_times_ms.get(i) +
                               _last_strong_code_root_scan_times_ms.get(i) +
                               _last_obj_copy_times_ms.get(i) +

    double worker_other_time = worker_time - worker_known_time;
    _last_gc_worker_other_times_ms.set(i, worker_other_time);



void G1GCPhaseTimes::note_string_dedup_fixup_start() {

void G1GCPhaseTimes::note_string_dedup_fixup_end() {

void G1GCPhaseTimes::print_stats(int level, const char* str, double value) {
  LineBuffer(level).append_and_print_cr("[%s: %.1lf ms]", str, value);

void G1GCPhaseTimes::print_stats(int level, const char* str, size_t value) {
  LineBuffer(level).append_and_print_cr("[%s: "SIZE_FORMAT"]", str, value);

void G1GCPhaseTimes::print_stats(int level, const char* str, double value, uint workers) {
  LineBuffer(level).append_and_print_cr("[%s: %.1lf ms, GC Workers: %u]", str, value, workers);

double G1GCPhaseTimes::accounted_time_ms() {
    // Subtract the root region scanning wait time. It's initialized to
    // zero at the start of the pause.
    double misc_time_ms = _root_region_scan_wait_time_ms;

    misc_time_ms += _cur_collection_par_time_ms;

    // Now subtract the time taken to fix up roots in generated code
    misc_time_ms += _cur_collection_code_root_fixup_time_ms;

    // Strong code root purge time
    misc_time_ms += _cur_strong_code_root_purge_time_ms;

    if (G1StringDedup::is_enabled()) {
      // String dedup fixup time
      misc_time_ms += _cur_string_dedup_fixup_time_ms;

    // Subtract the time taken to clean the card table from the
    // current value of "other time"
    misc_time_ms += _cur_clear_ct_time_ms;

    return misc_time_ms;

void G1GCPhaseTimes::print(double pause_time_sec) {
  if (_root_region_scan_wait_time_ms > 0.0) {
    print_stats(1, "Root Region Scan Waiting", _root_region_scan_wait_time_ms);
  if (G1CollectedHeap::use_parallel_gc_threads()) {
    print_stats(1, "Parallel Time", _cur_collection_par_time_ms, _active_gc_threads);
    _last_gc_worker_start_times_ms.print(2, "GC Worker Start (ms)");
    _last_ext_root_scan_times_ms.print(2, "Ext Root Scanning (ms)");
    if (_last_satb_filtering_times_ms.sum() > 0.0) {
      _last_satb_filtering_times_ms.print(2, "SATB Filtering (ms)");
    _last_update_rs_times_ms.print(2, "Update RS (ms)");
      _last_update_rs_processed_buffers.print(3, "Processed Buffers");
    _last_scan_rs_times_ms.print(2, "Scan RS (ms)");
    _last_strong_code_root_scan_times_ms.print(2, "Code Root Scanning (ms)");
    _last_obj_copy_times_ms.print(2, "Object Copy (ms)");
    _last_termination_times_ms.print(2, "Termination (ms)");
    if (G1Log::finest()) {
      _last_termination_attempts.print(3, "Termination Attempts");
    _last_gc_worker_other_times_ms.print(2, "GC Worker Other (ms)");
    _last_gc_worker_times_ms.print(2, "GC Worker Total (ms)");
    _last_gc_worker_end_times_ms.print(2, "GC Worker End (ms)");
  } else {
    _last_ext_root_scan_times_ms.print(1, "Ext Root Scanning (ms)");
    if (_last_satb_filtering_times_ms.sum() > 0.0) {
      _last_satb_filtering_times_ms.print(1, "SATB Filtering (ms)");
    _last_update_rs_times_ms.print(1, "Update RS (ms)");
      _last_update_rs_processed_buffers.print(2, "Processed Buffers");
    _last_scan_rs_times_ms.print(1, "Scan RS (ms)");
    _last_strong_code_root_scan_times_ms.print(1, "Code Root Scanning (ms)");
    _last_obj_copy_times_ms.print(1, "Object Copy (ms)");
  print_stats(1, "Code Root Fixup", _cur_collection_code_root_fixup_time_ms);
  print_stats(1, "Code Root Purge", _cur_strong_code_root_purge_time_ms);
  if (G1StringDedup::is_enabled()) {
    print_stats(1, "String Dedup Fixup", _cur_string_dedup_fixup_time_ms, _active_gc_threads);
    _cur_string_dedup_queue_fixup_worker_times_ms.print(2, "Queue Fixup (ms)");
    _cur_string_dedup_table_fixup_worker_times_ms.print(2, "Table Fixup (ms)");
  print_stats(1, "Clear CT", _cur_clear_ct_time_ms);
  double misc_time_ms = pause_time_sec * MILLIUNITS - accounted_time_ms();
  print_stats(1, "Other", misc_time_ms);
  if (_cur_verify_before_time_ms > 0.0) {
    print_stats(2, "Verify Before", _cur_verify_before_time_ms);
  if (G1CollectedHeap::heap()->evacuation_failed()) {
    double evac_fail_handling = _cur_evac_fail_recalc_used + _cur_evac_fail_remove_self_forwards +
    print_stats(2, "Evacuation Failure", evac_fail_handling);
    if (G1Log::finest()) {
      print_stats(3, "Recalculate Used", _cur_evac_fail_recalc_used);
      print_stats(3, "Remove Self Forwards", _cur_evac_fail_remove_self_forwards);
      print_stats(3, "Restore RemSet", _cur_evac_fail_restore_remsets);
  print_stats(2, "Choose CSet",
    (_recorded_young_cset_choice_time_ms +
  print_stats(2, "Ref Proc", _cur_ref_proc_time_ms);
  print_stats(2, "Ref Enq", _cur_ref_enq_time_ms);
  print_stats(2, "Redirty Cards", _recorded_redirty_logged_cards_time_ms);
  if (G1Log::finest()) {
    _last_redirty_logged_cards_time_ms.print(3, "Parallel Redirty");
    _last_redirty_logged_cards_processed_cards.print(3, "Redirtied Cards");
  if (G1ReclaimDeadHumongousObjectsAtYoungGC) {
    print_stats(2, "Humongous Reclaim", _cur_fast_reclaim_humongous_time_ms);
    if (G1Log::finest()) {
      print_stats(3, "Humongous Total", _cur_fast_reclaim_humongous_total);
      print_stats(3, "Humongous Candidate", _cur_fast_reclaim_humongous_candidates);
      print_stats(3, "Humongous Reclaimed", _cur_fast_reclaim_humongous_reclaimed);
  print_stats(2, "Free CSet",
    (_recorded_young_free_cset_time_ms +
  if (G1Log::finest()) {
    print_stats(3, "Young Free CSet", _recorded_young_free_cset_time_ms);
    print_stats(3, "Non-Young Free CSet", _recorded_non_young_free_cset_time_ms);
  if (_cur_verify_after_time_ms > 0.0) {
    print_stats(2, "Verify After", _cur_verify_after_time_ms);