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8227652: SetupOperatorNewDeleteCheck should discuss deleting destructors Summary: Add comment describing deleting destructors Reviewed-by: dholmes
author kbarrett
date Thu, 18 Jul 2019 11:54:54 -0400
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files make/hotspot/lib/CompileJvm.gmk
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--- a/make/hotspot/lib/CompileJvm.gmk	Thu Jul 18 07:54:21 2019 -0700
+++ b/make/hotspot/lib/CompileJvm.gmk	Thu Jul 18 11:54:54 2019 -0400
@@ -260,6 +260,15 @@
 # Search the output for the operator(s) of interest, to see where they are
 # referenced.
+# When a reference to the global 'operator delete' is reported, it might be
+# due to a "deleting destructor".  In this case, objdump may show the
+# reference to be associated with but not actually in a destructor.  A
+# deleting destructor is automatically generated for a class whose destructor
+# is virtual.  A deleting destructor requires an accessible 'operator delete'
+# for the associated class.  If the class doesn't provide a more specific
+# declaration (either directly or by inheriting from a class that provides
+# one) then the global definition will be used, triggering this check.
   ifneq ($(filter $(TOOLCHAIN_TYPE), gcc clang solstudio), )