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Serviceability support for Epsilon
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#include "gc/shared/collectedHeap.hpp"
#include "gc/shared/softRefPolicy.hpp"
#include "gc/shared/space.hpp"
#include "services/memoryManager.hpp"
#include "gc/epsilon/epsilonCollectorPolicy.hpp"
#include "gc/epsilon/epsilonMonitoringSupport.hpp"
#include "gc/epsilon/epsilonBarrierSet.hpp"
#include "gc/epsilon/epsilon_globals.hpp"

class EpsilonHeap : public CollectedHeap {
  friend class VMStructs;
  EpsilonCollectorPolicy* _policy;
  SoftRefPolicy _soft_ref_policy;
  EpsilonMonitoringSupport* _monitoring_support;
  MemoryPool* _pool;
  GCMemoryManager _memory_manager;
  ContiguousSpace* _space;
  VirtualSpace _virtual_space;
  size_t _max_tlab_size;
  size_t _last_counter_update;
  size_t _last_heap_print;
  size_t _step_counter_update;
  size_t _step_heap_print;

  static EpsilonHeap* heap();

  EpsilonHeap(EpsilonCollectorPolicy* p) :
          _memory_manager("Epsilon Heap", "") {};

  virtual Name kind() const {
    return CollectedHeap::Epsilon;

  virtual const char* name() const {
    return "Epsilon";

  virtual CollectorPolicy* collector_policy() const {
    return _policy;

  virtual SoftRefPolicy* soft_ref_policy() {
    return &_soft_ref_policy;

  virtual jint initialize();
  virtual void post_initialize();
  virtual void initialize_serviceability();

  virtual GrowableArray<GCMemoryManager*> memory_managers();
  virtual GrowableArray<MemoryPool*> memory_pools();

  virtual size_t max_capacity() const { return _virtual_space.reserved_size();  }
  virtual size_t capacity()     const { return _virtual_space.committed_size(); }
  virtual size_t used()         const { return _space->used(); }

  virtual bool is_in(const void* p) const {
    return _space->is_in(p);

  virtual bool is_scavengable(oop obj) {
    // No GC is going to happen, therefore no objects ever move.
    return false;

  virtual bool is_maximal_no_gc() const {
    // No GC is going to happen. Return "we are at max", when we are about to fail.
    return used() == capacity();

  // Allocation
  HeapWord* allocate_work(size_t size);
  virtual HeapWord* mem_allocate(size_t size, bool* gc_overhead_limit_was_exceeded);
  virtual HeapWord* allocate_new_tlab(size_t min_size,
                                      size_t requested_size,
                                      size_t* actual_size);

  // TLAB allocation
  virtual bool supports_tlab_allocation()           const { return UseTLAB;        }
  virtual size_t tlab_capacity(Thread* thr)         const { return capacity();     }
  virtual size_t tlab_used(Thread* thr)             const { return used();         }
  virtual size_t max_tlab_size()                    const { return _max_tlab_size; }
  virtual size_t unsafe_max_tlab_alloc(Thread* thr) const;

  virtual void collect(GCCause::Cause cause);
  virtual void do_full_collection(bool clear_all_soft_refs);

  // Heap walking support
  virtual void safe_object_iterate(ObjectClosure* cl);
  virtual void object_iterate(ObjectClosure* cl) {

  // No support for block parsing.
  virtual HeapWord* block_start(const void* addr) const { return NULL;  }
  virtual size_t block_size(const HeapWord* addr) const { return 0;     }
  virtual bool block_is_obj(const HeapWord* addr) const { return false; }

  // No GC threads
  virtual void print_gc_threads_on(outputStream* st) const {}
  virtual void gc_threads_do(ThreadClosure* tc) const {}

  // No heap verification
  virtual void prepare_for_verify() {}
  virtual void verify(VerifyOption option) {}

  virtual jlong millis_since_last_gc() {
    // Report time since the VM start
    return os::elapsed_counter() / NANOSECS_PER_MILLISEC;

  virtual void print_on(outputStream* st) const;
  virtual void print_tracing_info() const;