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Fix error in chunk allocation strategy which caused small chunks to dominate
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#include "memory/allocation.hpp"

#include "memory/metaspace/chunkAllocSequence.hpp"
#include "memory/metaspace/chunkHeaderPool.hpp"
#include "memory/metaspace/chunkLevel.hpp"
#include "memory/metaspace/chunkManager.hpp"
#include "memory/metaspace/counter.hpp"
#include "memory/metaspace/commitLimiter.hpp"
#include "memory/metaspace/commitMask.hpp"
#include "memory/metaspace/metachunk.hpp"
#include "memory/metaspace/metaspaceCommon.hpp"
#include "memory/metaspace/metaspaceEnums.hpp"
#include "memory/metaspace/metaspaceStatistics.hpp"
#include "memory/metaspace/virtualSpaceList.hpp"
#include "memory/metaspace/spaceManager.hpp"
#include "memory/metaspace/settings.hpp"
#include "runtime/mutexLocker.hpp"
#include "runtime/os.hpp"

#include "utilities/align.hpp"
#include "utilities/debug.hpp"
#include "utilities/globalDefinitions.hpp"

#include "unittest.hpp"

#include <stdio.h>

// handy aliases

using metaspace::ChunkAllocSequence;
using metaspace::ChunkHeaderPool;
using metaspace::ChunkManager;
using metaspace::CommitLimiter;
using metaspace::CommitMask;
using metaspace::SizeCounter;
using metaspace::SizeAtomicCounter;
using metaspace::IntCounter;
using metaspace::Metachunk;
using metaspace::MetachunkList;
using metaspace::MetachunkListCluster;
using metaspace::Settings;
using metaspace::sm_stats_t;
using metaspace::in_use_chunk_stats_t;
using metaspace::cm_stats_t;
using metaspace::SizeCounter;
using metaspace::SpaceManager;
using metaspace::VirtualSpaceList;
using metaspace::VirtualSpaceNode;

using metaspace::chklvl_t;
using metaspace::chklvl::HIGHEST_CHUNK_LEVEL;
using metaspace::chklvl::MAX_CHUNK_WORD_SIZE;
using metaspace::chklvl::MAX_CHUNK_BYTE_SIZE;
using metaspace::chklvl::LOWEST_CHUNK_LEVEL;
using metaspace::chklvl::NUM_CHUNK_LEVELS;

// A little mockup to mimick and test the CommitMask in various tests

class TestMap {
  const size_t _len;
  char* _arr;
  TestMap(size_t len) : _len(len), _arr(NULL) {
    _arr = NEW_C_HEAP_ARRAY(char, len, mtInternal);
    memset(_arr, 0, _len);
  ~TestMap() { FREE_C_HEAP_ARRAY(char, _arr); }

  int get_num_set(size_t from, size_t to) const {
    int result = 0;
    for(size_t i = from; i < to; i ++) {
      if (_arr[i] > 0) {
        result ++;
    return result;

  size_t get_num_set() const { return get_num_set(0, _len); }

  void set_range(size_t from, size_t to) {
    memset(_arr + from, 1, to - from);

  void clear_range(size_t from, size_t to) {
    memset(_arr + from, 0, to - from);


// Functions to calculate random ranges in outer ranges

// Note: [ )
struct range_t {
  size_t from; size_t to;

void calc_random_range(size_t outer_range_len, range_t* out, size_t alignment);

// Note:  [ p..p+word_size )
struct address_range_t {
  MetaWord* p; size_t word_size;

void calc_random_address_range(const address_range_t* outer_range, address_range_t* out, size_t alignment);

// Helper class for generating random allocation sizes
class RandSizeGenerator {
  const size_t _min; // [
  const size_t _max; // )
  const float _outlier_chance; // 0.0 -- 1.0
  const size_t _outlier_min; // [
  const size_t _outlier_max; // )
  RandSizeGenerator(size_t min, size_t max)
    : _min(min), _max(max), _outlier_chance(0.0), _outlier_min(min), _outlier_max(max)

  RandSizeGenerator(size_t min, size_t max, float outlier_chance, size_t outlier_min, size_t outlier_max)
    : _min(min), _max(max), _outlier_chance(outlier_chance), _outlier_min(outlier_min), _outlier_max(outlier_max)

  size_t get() const {
    size_t l1 = _min;
    size_t l2 = _max;
    int r = os::random() % 1000;
    if ((float)r < _outlier_chance * 1000.0) {
      l1 = _outlier_min;
      l2 = _outlier_max;
    const size_t d = l2 - l1;
    return l1 + (os::random() % d);

}; // end RandSizeGenerator

// Function to test-access a memory range

void zap_range(MetaWord* p, size_t word_size);

// "fill_range_with_pattern" fills a range of heap words with pointers to itself.
// The idea is to fill a memory range with a pattern which is both marked clearly to the caller
// and cannot be moved without becoming invalid.
// The filled range can be checked with check_range_for_pattern. One also can only check
// a sub range of the original range.
void fill_range_with_pattern(MetaWord* p, uintx pattern, size_t word_size);
bool check_range_for_pattern(const MetaWord* p, uintx pattern, size_t word_size);

// Writes a uniqe pattern to p
void mark_address(MetaWord* p, uintx pattern);
// checks pattern at address
bool check_marked_address(const MetaWord* p, uintx pattern);

// Similar to fill_range_with_pattern, but only marks start and end. This is optimized for cases
// where fill_range_with_pattern just is too slow.
// Use check_marked_range to check the range. In contrast to check_range_for_pattern, only the original
// range can be checked.
void mark_range(MetaWord* p, uintx pattern, size_t word_size);
bool check_marked_range(const MetaWord* p, uintx pattern, size_t word_size);

// Some helpers to avoid typing out those annoying casts for NULL

#define ASSERT_NOT_NULL(ptr)      ASSERT_NE((void*)NULL, (void*)ptr)
#define ASSERT_NULL(ptr)          ASSERT_EQ((void*)NULL, (void*)ptr)
#define EXPECT_NOT_NULL(ptr)      EXPECT_NE((void*)NULL, (void*)ptr)
#define EXPECT_NULL(ptr)          EXPECT_EQ((void*)NULL, (void*)ptr)

// logging

// Define "LOG_PLEASE" to switch on logging for a particular test before inclusion of this header.
  #define LOG(...) { printf(__VA_ARGS__); printf("\n"); }
  #define LOG(...)

// Helper

size_t get_workingset_size();