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# OpenJDK Experimental HotSpot CMake generator README


## Goals
 * Simplify the process of setting up the JVM in C/C++ IDEs.
 * Leverage the existing build system as much as possible to avoid requiring updates to IDE projects after file additions or other minor changes.

## Trying it out
 There is a new top level make target called _hotspot-cmake-project_.
 The new make target generates a CMakeLists.txt located in the hotspot directory.
 There are two ways to use the CMakeLists file to create an IDE project:

 * Use an IDE with native support for CMake (KDevelop, CLion).
 * Use CMake generators to generate an IDE project.

 To invoke the CMakeLists generator for a build configuration run

`make hotspot-cmake-project`
 To invoke a CMake project file generator you can either invoke cmake by hand, pointing out the CMakeLists.txt file or you can use a hack in the makefiles to create it, for example:

`make hotspot-cmake-project RUN_CMAKE=1 CMAKE_GENERATOR='Eclipse CDT4 - Unix Makefiles'`

## Platform support
 CMake supports multiple platforms but currently the CMakeLists generator has only been tested on Linux.