diff make/common/Library.gmk @ 1365:9053bcc8eef0

6797688: Umbrella: Merge all JDK 6u4 - 6u12 deployment code into JDK7 6845973: Update JDK7 with deployment changes in 6u13, 6u14 4802695: Support 64-bit Java Plug-in and Java webstart on Windows/Linux on AMD64 6825019: DownloadManager should not be loaded and referenced for full JRE 6738770: REGRESSION:JSException throws when use LiveConnect javascript facility 6772884: plugin2 : java.lang.OutOfMemoryError or crash 6707535: Crossing domain hole affecting multiple sites/domains using plug-in 6728071: Non-verification of Update files may allow unintended updates 6704154: Code loaded from local filesystem should not get access to localhost 6727081: Web Start security restrictions bypass using special extension jnlp 6727079: Java Web Start Socket() restriction bypass 6727071: Cache location/user name information disclosure in SingleInstanceImpl. 6716217: AppletClassLoader adds permissions based on codebase regardless of CS 6694892: Java Webstart inclusion via system properties override [CVE-2008-2086] 6704074: localhost socket access due to cache location exposed 6703909: Java webstart arbitrary file creation using nativelib 6665315: browser crashes when deployment.properties has more slashes ( / ) 6660121: Encoding values in JNLP files can cause buffer overflow 6606110: URLConnection.setProxiedHost for resources that are loaded via proxy 6581221: SSV(VISTA): Redirection FAILS to work if user does a downgrade install 6609756: Buffer Overflow in Java ActiveX component 6608712: Bypassing the same origin policy in Java with crafted names 6534630: "gnumake clobber" doesn't 6849953: JDK7 - replacement of bufferoverflowU.lib on amd64 breaks build 6849029: Need some JDK7 merge clean-up after comments on the webrev 6847582: Build problem on JDK7 with isSecureProperty in merge 6827935: JDK 7 deployment merging - problem in Compiler-msvm.gmk 6823215: latest merge fixes from 6u12 -> JDK7 6816153: further mergers for JDK7 deployment integration 6807074: Fix Java Kernel and JQS in initial JDK7 builds Summary: Initial changeset for implementing 6uX Deployment Features into JDK7 Reviewed-by: dgu, billyh
author herrick
date Fri, 12 Jun 2009 14:56:32 -0400
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children d30f2e22fffd
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--- a/make/common/Library.gmk	Thu May 14 10:58:07 2009 -0700
+++ b/make/common/Library.gmk	Fri Jun 12 14:56:32 2009 -0400
@@ -207,10 +207,10 @@
 	@$(ECHO) Created $@ 
-# J2SE name required here
-            /D "J2SE_INTERNAL_NAME=$(LIBRARY)" \
-            /D "J2SE_FTYPE=0x2L"
+# JDK name required here
+            /D "JDK_INTERNAL_NAME=$(LIBRARY)" \
+            /D "JDK_FTYPE=0x2L"