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# include "incls/_precompiled.incl"
# include "incls/_psPermGen.cpp.incl"

PSPermGen::PSPermGen(ReservedSpace rs, size_t alignment,
                     size_t initial_size, size_t min_size, size_t max_size,
                     const char* gen_name, int level) :
  PSOldGen(rs, alignment, initial_size, min_size, max_size, gen_name, level),
  assert(object_mark_sweep() != NULL, "Sanity");

  _avg_size = new AdaptivePaddedAverage(AdaptivePermSizeWeight,

HeapWord* PSPermGen::allocate_permanent(size_t size) {
  HeapWord* obj = allocate_noexpand(size, false);

  if (obj == NULL) {
    obj = expand_and_allocate(size, false);

  return obj;

void PSPermGen::compute_new_size(size_t used_before_collection) {
  // Update our padded average of objects allocated in perm
  // gen between collections.
  assert(used_before_collection >= _last_used,
                                "negative allocation amount since last GC?");

  const size_t alloc_since_last_gc = used_before_collection - _last_used;

  const size_t current_live = used_in_bytes();
  // Stash away the current amount live for the next call to this method.
  _last_used = current_live;

  // We have different alignment constraints than the rest of the heap.
  const size_t alignment = MAX2(MinPermHeapExpansion,

  // Compute the desired size:
  //  The free space is the newly computed padded average,
  //  so the desired size is what's live + the free space.
  size_t desired_size = current_live + (size_t)_avg_size->padded_average();
  desired_size = align_size_up(desired_size, alignment);

  // ...and no larger or smaller than our max and min allowed.
  desired_size = MAX2(MIN2(desired_size, _max_gen_size), _min_gen_size);
  assert(desired_size <= _max_gen_size, "just checking");

  const size_t size_before = _virtual_space->committed_size();

  if (desired_size == size_before) {
    // no change, we're done

    // We'll be growing or shrinking the heap:  in either case,
    // we need to hold a lock.
    MutexLocker x(ExpandHeap_lock);
    if (desired_size > size_before) {
      const size_t change_bytes = desired_size - size_before;
      const size_t aligned_change_bytes =
        align_size_up(change_bytes, alignment);
    } else {
      // Shrinking
      const size_t change_bytes =
        size_before - desired_size;
      const size_t aligned_change_bytes = align_size_down(change_bytes, alignment);

  // While this code isn't controlled by AdaptiveSizePolicy, it's
  // convenient to see all resizing decsions under the same flag.
  if (PrintAdaptiveSizePolicy) {
    ParallelScavengeHeap* heap = (ParallelScavengeHeap*)Universe::heap();
    assert(heap->kind() == CollectedHeap::ParallelScavengeHeap, "Sanity");

    gclog_or_tty->print_cr("AdaptiveSizePolicy::perm generation size: "
                           "collection: %d "
                           "(" SIZE_FORMAT ") -> (" SIZE_FORMAT ") ",
                           size_before, _virtual_space->committed_size());

void PSPermGen::move_and_update(ParCompactionManager* cm) {
  PSParallelCompact::move_and_update(cm, PSParallelCompact::perm_space_id);

void PSPermGen::precompact() {
  // Reset start array first.