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8010722: assert: failed: heap size is too big for compressed oops Summary: Use conservative assumptions of required alignment for the various garbage collector components into account when determining the maximum heap size that supports compressed oops. Using this conservative value avoids several circular dependencies in the calculation. Reviewed-by: stefank, dholmes
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 * Copyright (c) 1997, 2013, Oracle and/or its affiliates. All rights reserved.
 * This code is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify it
 * under the terms of the GNU General Public License version 2 only, as
 * published by the Free Software Foundation.
 * This code is distributed in the hope that it will be useful, but WITHOUT
 * ANY WARRANTY; without even the implied warranty of MERCHANTABILITY or
 * FITNESS FOR A PARTICULAR PURPOSE.  See the GNU General Public License
 * version 2 for more details (a copy is included in the LICENSE file that
 * accompanied this code).
 * You should have received a copy of the GNU General Public License version
 * 2 along with this work; if not, write to the Free Software Foundation,
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 * questions.


#include "runtime/java.hpp"
#include "runtime/perfData.hpp"
#include "utilities/debug.hpp"
#include "utilities/top.hpp"

// Arguments parses the command line and recognizes options

// Invocation API hook typedefs (these should really be defined in jni.hpp)
extern "C" {
  typedef void (JNICALL *abort_hook_t)(void);
  typedef void (JNICALL *exit_hook_t)(jint code);
  typedef jint (JNICALL *vfprintf_hook_t)(FILE *fp, const char *format, va_list args);

// Forward declarations

class SysClassPath;

// Element describing System and User (-Dkey=value flags) defined property.

class SystemProperty: public CHeapObj<mtInternal> {
  char*           _key;
  char*           _value;
  SystemProperty* _next;
  bool            _writeable;
  bool writeable()   { return _writeable; }

  // Accessors
  const char* key() const                   { return _key; }
  char* value() const                       { return _value; }
  SystemProperty* next() const              { return _next; }
  void set_next(SystemProperty* next)       { _next = next; }
  bool set_value(char *value) {
    if (writeable()) {
      if (_value != NULL) {
      _value = AllocateHeap(strlen(value)+1, mtInternal);
      if (_value != NULL) {
        strcpy(_value, value);
      return true;
    return false;

  void append_value(const char *value) {
    char *sp;
    size_t len = 0;
    if (value != NULL) {
      len = strlen(value);
      if (_value != NULL) {
        len += strlen(_value);
      sp = AllocateHeap(len+2, mtInternal);
      if (sp != NULL) {
        if (_value != NULL) {
          strcpy(sp, _value);
          strcat(sp, os::path_separator());
          strcat(sp, value);
        } else {
          strcpy(sp, value);
        _value = sp;

  // Constructor
  SystemProperty(const char* key, const char* value, bool writeable) {
    if (key == NULL) {
      _key = NULL;
    } else {
      _key = AllocateHeap(strlen(key)+1, mtInternal);
      strcpy(_key, key);
    if (value == NULL) {
      _value = NULL;
    } else {
      _value = AllocateHeap(strlen(value)+1, mtInternal);
      strcpy(_value, value);
    _next = NULL;
    _writeable = writeable;

// For use by -agentlib, -agentpath and -Xrun
class AgentLibrary : public CHeapObj<mtInternal> {
  friend class AgentLibraryList;
  char*           _name;
  char*           _options;
  void*           _os_lib;
  bool            _is_absolute_path;
  AgentLibrary*   _next;

  // Accessors
  const char* name() const                  { return _name; }
  char* options() const                     { return _options; }
  bool is_absolute_path() const             { return _is_absolute_path; }
  void* os_lib() const                      { return _os_lib; }
  void set_os_lib(void* os_lib)             { _os_lib = os_lib; }
  AgentLibrary* next() const                { return _next; }

  // Constructor
  AgentLibrary(const char* name, const char* options, bool is_absolute_path, void* os_lib) {
    _name = AllocateHeap(strlen(name)+1, mtInternal);
    strcpy(_name, name);
    if (options == NULL) {
      _options = NULL;
    } else {
      _options = AllocateHeap(strlen(options)+1, mtInternal);
      strcpy(_options, options);
    _is_absolute_path = is_absolute_path;
    _os_lib = os_lib;
    _next = NULL;

// maintain an order of entry list of AgentLibrary
class AgentLibraryList VALUE_OBJ_CLASS_SPEC {
  AgentLibrary*   _first;
  AgentLibrary*   _last;
  bool is_empty() const                     { return _first == NULL; }
  AgentLibrary* first() const               { return _first; }

  // add to the end of the list
  void add(AgentLibrary* lib) {
    if (is_empty()) {
      _first = _last = lib;
    } else {
      _last->_next = lib;
      _last = lib;
    lib->_next = NULL;

  // search for and remove a library known to be in the list
  void remove(AgentLibrary* lib) {
    AgentLibrary* curr;
    AgentLibrary* prev = NULL;
    for (curr = first(); curr != NULL; prev = curr, curr = curr->next()) {
      if (curr == lib) {
    assert(curr != NULL, "always should be found");

    if (curr != NULL) {
      // it was found, by-pass this library
      if (prev == NULL) {
        _first = curr->_next;
      } else {
        prev->_next = curr->_next;
      if (curr == _last) {
        _last = prev;
      curr->_next = NULL;

  AgentLibraryList() {
    _first = NULL;
    _last = NULL;

class Arguments : AllStatic {
  friend class VMStructs;
  friend class JvmtiExport;
  // Operation modi
  enum Mode {
    _int,       // corresponds to -Xint
    _mixed,     // corresponds to -Xmixed
    _comp       // corresponds to -Xcomp

  enum ArgsRange {
    arg_unreadable = -3,
    arg_too_small  = -2,
    arg_too_big    = -1,
    arg_in_range   = 0


  // an array containing all flags specified in the .hotspotrc file
  static char** _jvm_flags_array;
  static int    _num_jvm_flags;
  // an array containing all jvm arguments specified in the command line
  static char** _jvm_args_array;
  static int    _num_jvm_args;
  // string containing all java command (class/jarfile name and app args)
  static char* _java_command;

  // Property list
  static SystemProperty* _system_properties;

  // Quick accessor to System properties in the list:
  static SystemProperty *_java_ext_dirs;
  static SystemProperty *_java_endorsed_dirs;
  static SystemProperty *_sun_boot_library_path;
  static SystemProperty *_java_library_path;
  static SystemProperty *_java_home;
  static SystemProperty *_java_class_path;
  static SystemProperty *_sun_boot_class_path;

  // Meta-index for knowing what packages are in the boot class path
  static char* _meta_index_path;
  static char* _meta_index_dir;

  // java.vendor.url.bug, bug reporting URL for fatal errors.
  static const char* _java_vendor_url_bug;

  //, private property to provide information about
  // java/gamma launcher
  static const char* _sun_java_launcher;

  //, private property
  static int    _sun_java_launcher_pid;

  // was this VM created by the gamma launcher
  static bool   _created_by_gamma_launcher;

  // Option flags
  static bool   _has_profile;
  static bool   _has_alloc_profile;
  static const char*  _gc_log_filename;
  // Value of the conservative maximum heap alignment needed
  static size_t  _conservative_max_heap_alignment;

  static uintx  _min_heap_size;

  // -Xrun arguments
  static AgentLibraryList _libraryList;
  static void add_init_library(const char* name, char* options)
    { _libraryList.add(new AgentLibrary(name, options, false, NULL)); }

  // -agentlib and -agentpath arguments
  static AgentLibraryList _agentList;
  static void add_init_agent(const char* name, char* options, bool absolute_path)
    { _agentList.add(new AgentLibrary(name, options, absolute_path, NULL)); }

  // Late-binding agents not started via arguments
  static void add_loaded_agent(const char* name, char* options, bool absolute_path, void* os_lib)
    { _agentList.add(new AgentLibrary(name, options, absolute_path, os_lib)); }

  // Operation modi
  static Mode _mode;
  static void set_mode_flags(Mode mode);
  static bool _java_compiler;
  static void set_java_compiler(bool arg) { _java_compiler = arg; }
  static bool java_compiler()   { return _java_compiler; }

  // -Xdebug flag
  static bool _xdebug_mode;
  static void set_xdebug_mode(bool arg) { _xdebug_mode = arg; }
  static bool xdebug_mode()             { return _xdebug_mode; }

  // Used to save default settings
  static bool _AlwaysCompileLoopMethods;
  static bool _UseOnStackReplacement;
  static bool _BackgroundCompilation;
  static bool _ClipInlining;
  static bool _CIDynamicCompilePriority;

  // Tiered
  static void set_tiered_flags();
  // CMS/ParNew garbage collectors
  static void set_parnew_gc_flags();
  static void set_cms_and_parnew_gc_flags();
  // UseParallel[Old]GC
  static void set_parallel_gc_flags();
  // Garbage-First (UseG1GC)
  static void set_g1_gc_flags();
  // GC ergonomics
  static void set_conservative_max_heap_alignment();
  static void set_ergonomics_flags();
  static void set_shared_spaces_flags();
  // limits the given memory size by the maximum amount of memory this process is
  // currently allowed to allocate or reserve.
  static julong limit_by_allocatable_memory(julong size);
  // Setup HeapBaseMinAddress
  static void set_heap_base_min_address();
  // Setup heap size
  static void set_heap_size();
  // Based on automatic selection criteria, should the
  // low pause collector be used.
  static bool should_auto_select_low_pause_collector();

  // Bytecode rewriting
  static void set_bytecode_flags();

  // Invocation API hooks
  static abort_hook_t     _abort_hook;
  static exit_hook_t      _exit_hook;
  static vfprintf_hook_t  _vfprintf_hook;

  // System properties
  static bool add_property(const char* prop);

  // Aggressive optimization flags.
  static void set_aggressive_opts_flags();

  // Argument parsing
  static void do_pd_flag_adjustments();
  static bool parse_argument(const char* arg, FlagValueOrigin origin);
  static bool process_argument(const char* arg, jboolean ignore_unrecognized, FlagValueOrigin origin);
  static void process_java_launcher_argument(const char*, void*);
  static void process_java_compiler_argument(char* arg);
  static jint parse_options_environment_variable(const char* name, SysClassPath* scp_p, bool* scp_assembly_required_p);
  static jint parse_java_tool_options_environment_variable(SysClassPath* scp_p, bool* scp_assembly_required_p);
  static jint parse_java_options_environment_variable(SysClassPath* scp_p, bool* scp_assembly_required_p);
  static jint parse_vm_init_args(const JavaVMInitArgs* args);
  static jint parse_each_vm_init_arg(const JavaVMInitArgs* args, SysClassPath* scp_p, bool* scp_assembly_required_p, FlagValueOrigin origin);
  static jint finalize_vm_init_args(SysClassPath* scp_p, bool scp_assembly_required);
  static bool is_bad_option(const JavaVMOption* option, jboolean ignore,
    const char* option_type);
  static bool is_bad_option(const JavaVMOption* option, jboolean ignore) {
    return is_bad_option(option, ignore, NULL);
  static bool is_percentage(uintx val) {
    return val <= 100;
  static bool verify_interval(uintx val, uintx min,
                              uintx max, const char* name);
  static bool verify_min_value(intx val, intx min, const char* name);
  static bool verify_percentage(uintx value, const char* name);
  static void describe_range_error(ArgsRange errcode);
  static ArgsRange check_memory_size(julong size, julong min_size);
  static ArgsRange parse_memory_size(const char* s, julong* long_arg,
                                     julong min_size);
  // Parse a string for a unsigned integer.  Returns true if value
  // is an unsigned integer greater than or equal to the minimum
  // parameter passed and returns the value in uintx_arg.  Returns
  // false otherwise, with uintx_arg undefined.
  static bool parse_uintx(const char* value, uintx* uintx_arg,
                          uintx min_size);

  // methods to build strings from individual args
  static void build_jvm_args(const char* arg);
  static void build_jvm_flags(const char* arg);
  static void add_string(char*** bldarray, int* count, const char* arg);
  static const char* build_resource_string(char** args, int count);

  static bool methodExists(
    char* className, char* methodName,
    int classesNum, char** classes, bool* allMethods,
    int methodsNum, char** methods, bool* allClasses

  static void parseOnlyLine(
    const char* line,
    short* classesNum, short* classesMax, char*** classes, bool** allMethods,
    short* methodsNum, short* methodsMax, char*** methods, bool** allClasses

  // Returns true if the string s is in the list of flags that have recently
  // been made obsolete.  If we detect one of these flags on the command
  // line, instead of failing we print a warning message and ignore the
  // flag.  This gives the user a release or so to stop using the flag.
  static bool is_newly_obsolete(const char* s, JDK_Version* buffer);

  static short  CompileOnlyClassesNum;
  static short  CompileOnlyClassesMax;
  static char** CompileOnlyClasses;
  static bool*  CompileOnlyAllMethods;

  static short  CompileOnlyMethodsNum;
  static short  CompileOnlyMethodsMax;
  static char** CompileOnlyMethods;
  static bool*  CompileOnlyAllClasses;

  static short  InterpretOnlyClassesNum;
  static short  InterpretOnlyClassesMax;
  static char** InterpretOnlyClasses;
  static bool*  InterpretOnlyAllMethods;

  static bool   CheckCompileOnly;

  static char*  SharedArchivePath;

  // Parses the arguments, first phase
  static jint parse(const JavaVMInitArgs* args);
  // Apply ergonomics
  static jint apply_ergo();
  // Verifies that the given value will fit as a MinHeapFreeRatio. If not, an error
  // message is returned in the provided buffer.
  static bool verify_MinHeapFreeRatio(FormatBuffer<80>& err_msg, uintx min_heap_free_ratio);
  // Verifies that the given value will fit as a MaxHeapFreeRatio. If not, an error
  // message is returned in the provided buffer.
  static bool verify_MaxHeapFreeRatio(FormatBuffer<80>& err_msg, uintx max_heap_free_ratio);
  // Check for consistency in the selection of the garbage collector.
  static bool check_gc_consistency();
  // Check consistecy or otherwise of VM argument settings
  static bool check_vm_args_consistency();
  // Check stack pages settings
  static bool check_stack_pages();
  // Used by os_solaris
  static bool process_settings_file(const char* file_name, bool should_exist, jboolean ignore_unrecognized);

  static size_t conservative_max_heap_alignment() { return _conservative_max_heap_alignment; }
  // Return the maximum size a heap with compressed oops can take
  static size_t max_heap_for_compressed_oops();

  // return a char* array containing all options
  static char** jvm_flags_array()          { return _jvm_flags_array; }
  static char** jvm_args_array()           { return _jvm_args_array; }
  static int num_jvm_flags()               { return _num_jvm_flags; }
  static int num_jvm_args()                { return _num_jvm_args; }
  // return the arguments passed to the Java application
  static const char* java_command()        { return _java_command; }

  // print jvm_flags, jvm_args and java_command
  static void print_on(outputStream* st);

  // convenient methods to obtain / print jvm_flags and jvm_args
  static const char* jvm_flags()           { return build_resource_string(_jvm_flags_array, _num_jvm_flags); }
  static const char* jvm_args()            { return build_resource_string(_jvm_args_array, _num_jvm_args); }
  static void print_jvm_flags_on(outputStream* st);
  static void print_jvm_args_on(outputStream* st);

  // -Dkey=value flags
  static SystemProperty*  system_properties()   { return _system_properties; }
  static const char*    get_property(const char* key);

  // -Djava.vendor.url.bug
  static const char* java_vendor_url_bug()  { return _java_vendor_url_bug; }

  static const char* sun_java_launcher()    { return _sun_java_launcher; }
  // Was VM created by a Java launcher?
  static bool created_by_java_launcher();
  // Was VM created by the gamma Java launcher?
  static bool created_by_gamma_launcher();
  static int sun_java_launcher_pid()        { return _sun_java_launcher_pid; }

  // -Xloggc:<file>, if not specified will be NULL
  static const char* gc_log_filename()      { return _gc_log_filename; }

  // -Xprof/-Xaprof
  static bool has_profile()                 { return _has_profile; }
  static bool has_alloc_profile()           { return _has_alloc_profile; }

  // -Xms, -Xmx
  static uintx min_heap_size()              { return _min_heap_size; }
  static void  set_min_heap_size(uintx v)   { _min_heap_size = v;  }

  // -Xrun
  static AgentLibrary* libraries()          { return _libraryList.first(); }
  static bool init_libraries_at_startup()   { return !_libraryList.is_empty(); }
  static void convert_library_to_agent(AgentLibrary* lib)
                                            { _libraryList.remove(lib);
                                              _agentList.add(lib); }

  // -agentlib -agentpath
  static AgentLibrary* agents()             { return _agentList.first(); }
  static bool init_agents_at_startup()      { return !_agentList.is_empty(); }

  // abort, exit, vfprintf hooks
  static abort_hook_t    abort_hook()       { return _abort_hook; }
  static exit_hook_t     exit_hook()        { return _exit_hook; }
  static vfprintf_hook_t vfprintf_hook()    { return _vfprintf_hook; }

  static bool GetCheckCompileOnly ()        { return CheckCompileOnly; }

  static const char* GetSharedArchivePath() { return SharedArchivePath; }

  static bool CompileMethod(char* className, char* methodName) {
        className, methodName,
        CompileOnlyClassesNum, CompileOnlyClasses, CompileOnlyAllMethods,
        CompileOnlyMethodsNum, CompileOnlyMethods, CompileOnlyAllClasses

  // Java launcher properties
  static void process_sun_java_launcher_properties(JavaVMInitArgs* args);

  // System properties
  static void init_system_properties();

  // Update/Initialize System properties after JDK version number is known
  static void init_version_specific_system_properties();

  // Property List manipulation
  static void PropertyList_add(SystemProperty** plist, SystemProperty *element);
  static void PropertyList_add(SystemProperty** plist, const char* k, char* v);
  static void PropertyList_unique_add(SystemProperty** plist, const char* k, char* v) {
    PropertyList_unique_add(plist, k, v, false);
  static void PropertyList_unique_add(SystemProperty** plist, const char* k, char* v, jboolean append);
  static const char* PropertyList_get_value(SystemProperty* plist, const char* key);
  static int  PropertyList_count(SystemProperty* pl);
  static const char* PropertyList_get_key_at(SystemProperty* pl,int index);
  static char* PropertyList_get_value_at(SystemProperty* pl,int index);

  // Miscellaneous System property value getter and setters.
  static void set_dll_dir(char *value) { _sun_boot_library_path->set_value(value); }
  static void set_java_home(char *value) { _java_home->set_value(value); }
  static void set_library_path(char *value) { _java_library_path->set_value(value); }
  static void set_ext_dirs(char *value) { _java_ext_dirs->set_value(value); }
  static void set_endorsed_dirs(char *value) { _java_endorsed_dirs->set_value(value); }
  static void set_sysclasspath(char *value) { _sun_boot_class_path->set_value(value); }
  static void append_sysclasspath(const char *value) { _sun_boot_class_path->append_value(value); }
  static void set_meta_index_path(char* meta_index_path, char* meta_index_dir) {
    _meta_index_path = meta_index_path;
    _meta_index_dir  = meta_index_dir;

  static char *get_java_home() { return _java_home->value(); }
  static char *get_dll_dir() { return _sun_boot_library_path->value(); }
  static char *get_endorsed_dir() { return _java_endorsed_dirs->value(); }
  static char *get_sysclasspath() { return _sun_boot_class_path->value(); }
  static char* get_meta_index_path() { return _meta_index_path; }
  static char* get_meta_index_dir()  { return _meta_index_dir;  }
  static char* get_ext_dirs() { return _java_ext_dirs->value(); }

  // Operation modi
  static Mode mode()                        { return _mode; }

  // Utility: copies src into buf, replacing "%%" with "%" and "%p" with pid.
  static bool copy_expand_pid(const char* src, size_t srclen, char* buf, size_t buflen);