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// The Concurrent Mark GC Thread (could be several in the future).
// This is copied from the Concurrent Mark Sweep GC Thread
// Still under construction.

class ConcurrentMark;

class ConcurrentMarkThread: public ConcurrentGCThread {
  friend class VMStructs;

  double _vtime_start;  // Initial virtual time.
  double _vtime_accum;  // Accumulated virtual time.

  double _vtime_mark_accum;
  double _vtime_count_accum;

  virtual void run();

  ConcurrentMark*                  _cm;
  bool                             _started;
  bool                             _in_progress;

  void sleepBeforeNextCycle();

  static SurrogateLockerThread*         _slt;

  // Constructor
  ConcurrentMarkThread(ConcurrentMark* cm);

  static void makeSurrogateLockerThread(TRAPS);
  static SurrogateLockerThread* slt() { return _slt; }

  // Printing
  void print();

  // Total virtual time so far.
  double vtime_accum();
  // Marking virtual time so far
  double vtime_mark_accum();
  // Counting virtual time so far.
  double vtime_count_accum() { return _vtime_count_accum; }

  ConcurrentMark* cm()                           { return _cm;     }

  void            set_started()                  { _started = true;   }
  void            clear_started()                { _started = false;  }
  bool            started()                      { return _started;   }

  void            set_in_progress()              { _in_progress = true;   }
  void            clear_in_progress()            { _in_progress = false;  }
  bool            in_progress()                  { return _in_progress;   }

  // Yield for GC
  void            yield();

  // shutdown
  void stop();