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#include "prims/jvm.h"
#include "utilities/decoder.hpp"

#include <cxxabi.h>

#ifdef __APPLE__

void Decoder::initialize() {
  _initialized = true;

void Decoder::uninitialize() {
  _initialized = false;

bool Decoder::can_decode_C_frame_in_vm() {
  return false;

Decoder::decoder_status Decoder::decode(address addr, const char* filepath, char *buf, int buflen, int *offset) {
  return symbol_not_found;


bool Decoder::demangle(const char* symbol, char *buf, int buflen) {
  int   status;
  char* result;
  size_t size = (size_t)buflen;

  // Don't pass buf to __cxa_demangle. In case of the 'buf' is too small,
  // __cxa_demangle will call system "realloc" for additional memory, which
  // may use different malloc/realloc mechanism that allocates 'buf'.
  if ((result = abi::__cxa_demangle(symbol, NULL, NULL, &status)) != NULL) {
    jio_snprintf(buf, buflen, "%s", result);
      // call c library's free
      return true;
  return false;