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8013895: G1: G1SummarizeRSetStats output on Linux needs improvemen Summary: Fixed the output of G1SummarizeRSetStats: too small datatype for the number of concurrently processed cards, added concurrent remembered set thread time retrieval for Linux and Windows (BSD uses os::elapsedTime() now), and other cleanup. The information presented during VM operation is now relative to the previous output, not always cumulative if G1SummarizeRSetStatsPeriod > 0. At VM exit, the code prints a cumulative summary. Reviewed-by: johnc, jwilhelm
author tschatzl
date Tue, 28 May 2013 09:32:06 +0200
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--- a/make/excludeSrc.make	Sat Jun 01 10:00:56 2013 +0200
+++ b/make/excludeSrc.make	Tue May 28 09:32:06 2013 +0200
@@ -87,7 +87,7 @@
 	g1BlockOffsetTable.cpp g1CardCounts.cpp g1CollectedHeap.cpp g1CollectorPolicy.cpp \
 	g1ErgoVerbose.cpp g1GCPhaseTimes.cpp g1HRPrinter.cpp g1HotCardCache.cpp g1Log.cpp \
 	g1MMUTracker.cpp g1MarkSweep.cpp g1MemoryPool.cpp g1MonitoringSupport.cpp \
-	g1RemSet.cpp g1SATBCardTableModRefBS.cpp g1_globals.cpp heapRegion.cpp \
+	g1RemSet.cpp g1RemSetSummary.cpp g1SATBCardTableModRefBS.cpp g1_globals.cpp heapRegion.cpp \
 	heapRegionRemSet.cpp heapRegionSeq.cpp heapRegionSet.cpp heapRegionSets.cpp \
 	ptrQueue.cpp satbQueue.cpp sparsePRT.cpp survRateGroup.cpp vm_operations_g1.cpp \
 	adjoiningGenerations.cpp adjoiningVirtualSpaces.cpp asPSOldGen.cpp asPSYoungGen.cpp \