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6953058: G1: A bigapp crashes with SIGSEGV in compiled code Summary: In C2's G1 post write barrier, the loads of the buffer and index fields from the DirtyCardQueue structure may be moved across a safepoint. Use the current value of "control" in the C2 IR to limit how far these loads can move. Reviewed-by: never, iveresov, kvn
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date Mon, 07 Jun 2010 17:46:04 -0700
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  This file should be located at the top of the hotspot Mercurial repository.

  See for more information about the OpenJDK.

  See ../README-builds.html for complete details on build machine requirements.

Simple Build Instructions:

    cd make && gnumake
  The files that will be imported into the jdk build will be in the "build"