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8025570: Naked oop in test/serviceability/ParserTest Summary: Fix for two naked objArrayOop(s) oops causing test failure Reviewed-by: coleenp, ctornqvi Contributed-by:
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date Tue, 01 Oct 2013 14:23:07 -0400
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#include "precompiled.hpp"

#include "classfile/symbolTable.hpp"

#include "prims/jni.h"
#include "prims/whitebox.hpp"
#include "prims/wbtestmethods/parserTests.hpp"
#include "runtime/interfaceSupport.hpp"

#include "memory/oopFactory.hpp"

#include "services/diagnosticArgument.hpp"
#include "services/diagnosticFramework.hpp"

//There's no way of beforeahnd knowing an upper size
//Of the length of a string representation of
//the value of an argument.
#define VALUE_MAXLEN 256

// DiagnosticFramework test utility methods

 * The DiagnosticArgumentType class contains an enum that says which type
 * this argument represents. (JLONG, BOOLEAN etc).
 * This method Returns a char* representation of that enum value.
static const char* lookup_diagnosticArgumentEnum(const char* field_name, oop object) {
  Thread* THREAD = Thread::current();
  const char* enum_sig = "Lsun/hotspot/parser/DiagnosticCommand$DiagnosticArgumentType;";
  TempNewSymbol enumSigSymbol = SymbolTable::lookup(enum_sig, (int) strlen(enum_sig), THREAD);
  int offset = WhiteBox::offset_for_field(field_name, object, enumSigSymbol);
  oop enumOop = object->obj_field(offset);

  const char* ret = WhiteBox::lookup_jstring("name", enumOop);
  return ret;

 * Takes an oop to a DiagnosticArgumentType-instance and
 * reads the fields from it. Fills an native DCmdParser with
 * this info.
static void fill_in_parser(DCmdParser* parser, oop argument)
  const char* name = WhiteBox::lookup_jstring("name", argument);
  const char* desc = WhiteBox::lookup_jstring("desc", argument);
  const char* default_value = WhiteBox::lookup_jstring("defaultValue", argument);
  bool mandatory = WhiteBox::lookup_bool("mandatory", argument);
  const char*  type = lookup_diagnosticArgumentEnum("type", argument);

   if (strcmp(type, "STRING") == 0) {
     DCmdArgument<char*>* argument = new DCmdArgument<char*>(
     name, desc,
     "STRING", mandatory, default_value);
   } else if (strcmp(type, "NANOTIME") == 0) {
     DCmdArgument<NanoTimeArgument>* argument = new DCmdArgument<NanoTimeArgument>(
     name, desc,
     "NANOTIME", mandatory, default_value);
   } else if (strcmp(type, "JLONG") == 0) {
     DCmdArgument<jlong>* argument = new DCmdArgument<jlong>(
     name, desc,
     "JLONG", mandatory, default_value);
   } else if (strcmp(type, "BOOLEAN") == 0) {
     DCmdArgument<bool>* argument = new DCmdArgument<bool>(
     name, desc,
     "BOOLEAN", mandatory, default_value);
   } else if (strcmp(type, "MEMORYSIZE") == 0) {
     DCmdArgument<MemorySizeArgument>* argument = new DCmdArgument<MemorySizeArgument>(
     name, desc,
     "MEMORY SIZE", mandatory, default_value);
   } else if (strcmp(type, "STRINGARRAY") == 0) {
     DCmdArgument<StringArrayArgument*>* argument = new DCmdArgument<StringArrayArgument*>(
     name, desc,
     "STRING SET", mandatory);

 * Will Fill in a java object array with alternating names of parsed command line options and
 * the value that has been parsed for it:
 * { name, value, name, value ... }
 * This can then be checked from java.
WB_ENTRY(jobjectArray, WB_ParseCommandLine(JNIEnv* env, jobject o, jstring j_cmdline, jobjectArray arguments))
  ResourceMark rm;
  DCmdParser parser;

  const char* c_cmdline = java_lang_String::as_utf8_string(JNIHandles::resolve(j_cmdline));
  objArrayOop argumentArray = objArrayOop(JNIHandles::resolve_non_null(arguments));
  objArrayHandle argumentArray_ah(THREAD, argumentArray);

  int length = argumentArray_ah->length();

  for (int i = 0; i < length; i++) {
    oop argument_oop = argumentArray_ah->obj_at(i);
    fill_in_parser(&parser, argument_oop);

  CmdLine cmdline(c_cmdline, strlen(c_cmdline), true);

  Klass* k = SystemDictionary::Object_klass();
  objArrayOop returnvalue_array = oopFactory::new_objArray(k, parser.num_arguments() * 2, CHECK_NULL);
  objArrayHandle returnvalue_array_ah(THREAD, returnvalue_array);

  GrowableArray<const char *>*parsedArgNames = parser.argument_name_array();

  for (int i = 0; i < parser.num_arguments(); i++) {
    oop parsedName = java_lang_String::create_oop_from_str(parsedArgNames->at(i), CHECK_NULL);
    returnvalue_array_ah->obj_at_put(i*2, parsedName);
    GenDCmdArgument* arg = parser.lookup_dcmd_option(parsedArgNames->at(i), strlen(parsedArgNames->at(i)));
    char buf[VALUE_MAXLEN];
    arg->value_as_str(buf, sizeof(buf));
    oop parsedValue = java_lang_String::create_oop_from_str(buf, CHECK_NULL);
    returnvalue_array_ah->obj_at_put(i*2+1, parsedValue);

  return (jobjectArray) JNIHandles::make_local(returnvalue_array_ah());