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7048782: CMS: assert(last_chunk_index_to_check<= last_chunk_index) failed: parCardTableModRefBS.cpp:359 Summary: The LNC array is sized before the start of a scavenge, while the heap may expand during a scavenge. With CMS, the last block of an arbitrary suffice of the LNC array may expand due to coalition with the expansion delta. We now take care not to attempt access past the end of the LNC array. LNC array code will be cleaned up and suitably encapsulated as part of the forthcoming performance RFE 7043675. Reviewed-by: brutisso
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date Thu, 02 Jun 2011 10:23:36 -0700
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The OpenJDK source code made available by Oracle at and ("OpenJDK Code") is distributed under the terms of the
GNU General Public License <> version 2
only ("GPL2"), with the following clarification and special exception.

    Linking this OpenJDK Code statically or dynamically with other code
    is making a combined work based on this library.  Thus, the terms
    and conditions of GPL2 cover the whole combination.

    As a special exception, Oracle gives you permission to link this
    OpenJDK Code with certain code licensed by Oracle as indicated at
    ("Designated Exception Modules") to produce an executable,
    regardless of the license terms of the Designated Exception Modules,
    and to copy and distribute the resulting executable under GPL2,
    provided that the Designated Exception Modules continue to be
    governed by the licenses under which they were offered by Oracle.

As such, it allows licensees and sublicensees of Oracle's GPL2 OpenJDK Code to
build an executable that includes those portions of necessary code that Oracle
could not provide under GPL2 (or that Oracle has provided under GPL2 with the
Classpath exception).  If you modify or add to the OpenJDK code, that new
GPL2 code may still be combined with Designated Exception Modules if the
new code is made subject to this exception by its copyright holder.