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// JvmtiTagMap


#include "gc_interface/collectedHeap.hpp"
#include "jvmtifiles/jvmti.h"
#include "jvmtifiles/jvmtiEnv.hpp"
#include "memory/allocation.hpp"
#include "memory/genCollectedHeap.hpp"
#include "memory/universe.hpp"

// forward references
class JvmtiTagHashmap;
class JvmtiTagHashmapEntry;
class JvmtiTagHashmapEntryClosure;

class JvmtiTagMap :  public CHeapObj {

    max_free_entries = 4096         // maximum number of free entries per env

  JvmtiEnv*             _env;                       // the jvmti environment
  Mutex                 _lock;                      // lock for this tag map
  JvmtiTagHashmap*      _hashmap;                   // the hashmap

  JvmtiTagHashmapEntry* _free_entries;              // free list for this environment
  int _free_entries_count;                          // number of entries on the free list

  // create a tag map
  JvmtiTagMap(JvmtiEnv* env);

  // accessors
  inline Mutex* lock()                      { return &_lock; }
  inline JvmtiEnv* env() const              { return _env; }

  void do_weak_oops(BoolObjectClosure* is_alive, OopClosure* f);

  // iterate over all entries in this tag map
  void entry_iterate(JvmtiTagHashmapEntryClosure* closure);


  // indicates if this tag map is locked
  bool is_locked()                          { return lock()->is_locked(); }

  JvmtiTagHashmap* hashmap() { return _hashmap; }

  // create/destroy entries
  JvmtiTagHashmapEntry* create_entry(oop ref, jlong tag);
  void destroy_entry(JvmtiTagHashmapEntry* entry);

  // returns true if the hashmaps are empty
  bool is_empty();

  // return tag for the given environment
  static JvmtiTagMap* tag_map_for(JvmtiEnv* env);

  // destroy tag map

  // set/get tag
  void set_tag(jobject obj, jlong tag);
  jlong get_tag(jobject obj);

  // deprecated heap iteration functions
  void iterate_over_heap(jvmtiHeapObjectFilter object_filter,
                         KlassHandle klass,
                         jvmtiHeapObjectCallback heap_object_callback,
                         const void* user_data);

  void iterate_over_reachable_objects(jvmtiHeapRootCallback heap_root_callback,
                                      jvmtiStackReferenceCallback stack_ref_callback,
                                      jvmtiObjectReferenceCallback object_ref_callback,
                                      const void* user_data);

  void iterate_over_objects_reachable_from_object(jobject object,
                                                  jvmtiObjectReferenceCallback object_reference_callback,
                                                  const void* user_data);

  // advanced (JVMTI 1.1) heap iteration functions
  void iterate_through_heap(jint heap_filter,
                            KlassHandle klass,
                            const jvmtiHeapCallbacks* callbacks,
                            const void* user_data);

  void follow_references(jint heap_filter,
                         KlassHandle klass,
                         jobject initial_object,
                         const jvmtiHeapCallbacks* callbacks,
                         const void* user_data);

  // get tagged objects
  jvmtiError get_objects_with_tags(const jlong* tags, jint count,
                                   jint* count_ptr, jobject** object_result_ptr,
                                   jlong** tag_result_ptr);

  static void weak_oops_do(
      BoolObjectClosure* is_alive, OopClosure* f) KERNEL_RETURN;