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6871111: G1: remove the concurrent overhead tracker Summary: Removing the concurrent overhead tracker from G1, along with the GC overhead reporter and the G1AccountConcurrentOverhead (both of which rely on the the concurrent overhead tracker). Reviewed-by: iveresov, johnc
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date Wed, 19 Aug 2009 12:53:25 -0400
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// Forward Decl.
class ConcurrentG1Refine;

// The G1 Concurrent Refinement Thread (could be several in the future).

class ConcurrentG1RefineThread: public ConcurrentGCThread {
  friend class VMStructs;
  friend class G1CollectedHeap;

  double _vtime_start;  // Initial virtual time.
  double _vtime_accum;  // Initial virtual time.
  int _worker_id;
  int _worker_id_offset;

  // The refinement threads collection is linked list. A predecessor can activate a successor
  // when the number of the rset update buffer crosses a certain threshold. A successor
  // would self-deactivate when the number of the buffers falls below the threshold.
  bool _active;
  ConcurrentG1RefineThread *       _next;
  virtual void run();

  bool is_active()  { return _active;  }
  void activate()   { _active = true;  }
  void deactivate() { _active = false; }

  ConcurrentG1Refine*              _cg1r;

  double                           _interval_ms;

  void decreaseInterval(int processing_time_ms) {
    double min_interval_ms = (double) processing_time_ms;
    _interval_ms = 0.8 * _interval_ms;
    if (_interval_ms < min_interval_ms)
      _interval_ms = min_interval_ms;
  void increaseInterval(int processing_time_ms) {
    double max_interval_ms = 9.0 * (double) processing_time_ms;
    _interval_ms = 1.1 * _interval_ms;
    if (max_interval_ms > 0 && _interval_ms > max_interval_ms)
      _interval_ms = max_interval_ms;

  void sleepBeforeNextCycle();

  // For use by G1CollectedHeap, which is a friend.
  static SuspendibleThreadSet* sts() { return &_sts; }

  // Constructor
  ConcurrentG1RefineThread(ConcurrentG1Refine* cg1r, ConcurrentG1RefineThread* next,
                           int worker_id_offset, int worker_id);

  // Printing
  void print();

  // Total virtual time so far.
  double vtime_accum() { return _vtime_accum; }

  ConcurrentG1Refine* cg1r()                     { return _cg1r;     }

  void            sample_young_list_rs_lengths();

  // Yield for GC
  void            yield();

  // shutdown
  void stop();