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7110149: Update the JDK8 bundled zlib library to the latest version 1.2.5 Summary: updated to zlib-1.2.5 Reviewed-by: alanb
author sherman
date Tue, 29 Nov 2011 11:39:59 -0800
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   adler32.c -> zadler32.c
   zcrc32c -> zcrc32.c

(2)added _LP64 to make uLong a 32-bit int on 64-bit platform
   uLong -> 32-bit int

(3)updated crc32.c/crc32()
   unsigned long      -> uLong

(4)updated zlib.h (to support > 4G zipfile):
   total_in/out: uLong -> long long

(5)updated inflate.c/inflateSync()
   unsigned long in, out; -->  long long in, out;

(6)updated compress.c/uncompr.c
   *destLen = stream.total_out; --> *destLen = (uLong)stream.total_out;