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8046783: Add hidden field to methods for event based tracing Reviewed-by: sla, mgronlun
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<!DOCTYPE types SYSTEM "trace.dtd">


Content types (complex) should create constant pool data
in the recording.
Currently at least, there is _NO_ verification that whatever
writer you have is actually writing correctly. So BE CAREFUL!

Declared with the 'content_type' tag.

<type> is the ID type, i.e the integer type that resolves this. Most often
U4 or U8, but for example really small number constants, like GCTYPE uses U1.

<content-type> is where it gets interesting. 'builtin_type' means we're
defining how we resolve one of the trace built-in types (Class, Thread etc),
jvm_type means defining a new one for our own use.

Example: (GcMode)

<content_type id="GCMode" hr_name="GC mode" type="U1" jvm_type="GCMODE">
  <value type="UTF8" field="desc" description="Description"/>

This creates a content type CONTENT_TYPE_GCMODE
The field type referencing it is u1 (U1), and the constant pool struct has one field, the name.

Before we can use it we need also define a primary field data type:

<primary_type symbol="GCMODE" datatype="U1" contenttype="NONE"
              type="u8" sizeop="sizeof(u1)"/>

Now we can use the content + data type in declaring event fields.

    <content_type id="Thread" hr_name="Thread"
                  type="U4" builtin_type="OSTHREAD">
      <value type="UTF8" field="name" label="Thread name"/>

    <content_type id="VMThread" hr_name="VM Thread"
                  type="U8" jvm_type="VMTHREAD">
      <value type="OSTHREAD" field="thread" label="VM Thread"/>

    <content_type id="JavaThread" hr_name="Java thread"
                  type="U8" builtin_type="JAVALANGTHREAD">
      <value type="OSTHREAD" field="thread" label="OS Thread ID"/>
      <value type="BYTES64" field="allocInsideTla"
             label="Allocated bytes inside TLAs"/>
      <value type="BYTES64" field="allocOutsideTla"
             label="Allocated bytes outside TLAs"/>
      <value type="THREADGROUP" field="group" label="Java Thread Group"/>

    <content_type id="ThreadGroup" hr_name="Thread group"
                  type="U4" jvm_type="THREADGROUP">
      <value type="THREADGROUP" field="parent" label="Parent"/>
      <value type="UTF8" field="name" label="Name"/>

    <content_type id="Class" hr_name="Java class"
                  type="U8" builtin_type="CLASS">
      <value type="CLASS" field="loaderClass" label="ClassLoader"/>
      <value type="SYMBOL" field="name" label="Name"/>
      <value type="SHORT" field="modifiers" label="Access modifiers"/>

    <content_type id="Method" hr_name="Java method"
                  type="U8" jvm_type="METHOD">
      <value type="CLASS" field="class" label="Class"/>
      <value type="SYMBOL" field="name" label="Name"/>
      <value type="SYMBOL" field="signature" label="Signature"/>
      <value type="SHORT" field="modifiers" label="Access modifiers"/>
      <value type="BOOLEAN" field="hidden" label="Hidden"/>

    <content_type id="UTFConstant" hr_name="UTF constant"
                  type="U8" jvm_type="SYMBOL">
      <value type="UTF8" field="utf8" label="UTF8 data"/>

    <content_type id="ThreadState" hr_name="Java Thread State"
                  type="U2" jvm_type="THREADSTATE">
      <value type="UTF8" field="name" label="Name"/>

    <content_type id="GCName" hr_name="GC Name"
                  type="U1" jvm_type="GCNAME">
      <value type="UTF8" field="name" label="name" />

    <content_type id="GCCause" hr_name="GC Cause"
                  type="U2" jvm_type="GCCAUSE">
      <value type="UTF8" field="cause" label="cause" />

    <content_type id="GCWhen" hr_name="GC When"
                  type="U1" jvm_type="GCWHEN">
      <value type="UTF8" field="when" label="when" />

    <content_type id="G1YCType" hr_name="G1 YC Type"
                  type="U1" jvm_type="G1YCTYPE">
      <value type="UTF8" field="type" label="type" />

    <content_type id="GCThresholdUpdater" hr_name="GC Treshold Updater"
                  type="U1" jvm_type="GCTHRESHOLDUPDATER">
      <value type="UTF8" field="updater" label="updater" />

    <content_type id="ReferenceType" hr_name="Reference Type"
                  type="U1" jvm_type="REFERENCETYPE">
      <value type="UTF8" field="type" label="type" />

    <content_type id="MetadataType" hr_name="Metadata Type"
                  type="U1" jvm_type="METADATATYPE">
      <value type="UTF8" field="type" label="type" />

    <content_type id="MetaspaceObjectType" hr_name="Metaspace Object Type"
                  type="U1" jvm_type="METASPACEOBJTYPE">
      <value type="UTF8" field="type" label="type" />

    <content_type id="NARROW_OOP_MODE" hr_name="Narrow Oop Mode"
                  type="U1" jvm_type="NARROWOOPMODE">
      <value type="UTF8" field="mode" label="mode" />

    <content_type id="VMOperationType" hr_name="VM Operation Type"
                  type="U2" jvm_type="VMOPERATIONTYPE">
      <value type="UTF8" field="type" label="type" />

    <content_type id="CompilerPhaseType" hr_name="Compiler Phase Type"
                  type="U1" jvm_type="COMPILERPHASETYPE">
      <value type="UTF8" field="phase" label="phase" />

    <content_type id="FlagValueOrigin" hr_name="Flag Value Origin"
                  type="U1" jvm_type="FLAGVALUEORIGIN">
      <value type="UTF8" field="origin" label="origin" />


      - primary_type takes these attributes:
      -   symbol      INTEGER, LONG etc
      -   datatype    The trace datatype, see enum DataType
      -   contenttype Either resolved content type or the semantic meaning
      -   type        The actual type as used in structures etc
      -   sizeop      A function/macro that can be applied on a single
      -               struct value of type "type" and yield the factual byte
      -               size we need to write.  The % is replaced by the value

    <!-- SIGNED 64bit -->
    <primary_type symbol="LONG" datatype="LONG" contenttype="NONE"
                  type="s8" sizeop="sizeof(s8)"/>

    <!-- UNSIGNED 64bit -->
    <primary_type symbol="ULONG" datatype="U8" contenttype="NONE"
                  type="u8" sizeop="sizeof(u8)"/>

    <!-- SIGNED 32bit -->
    <primary_type symbol="INTEGER" datatype="INT" contenttype="NONE"
                  type="s4" sizeop="sizeof(s4)"/>

    <!-- UNSIGNED 32bit -->
    <primary_type symbol="UINT" datatype="U4" contenttype="NONE"
                  type="unsigned" sizeop="sizeof(unsigned)"/>

    <!-- UNSIGNED 16bit -->
    <primary_type symbol="USHORT" datatype="U2" contenttype="NONE"
                  type="u2" sizeop="sizeof(u2)"/>

    <!--  SIGNED 16bit -->
    <primary_type symbol="SHORT" datatype="SHORT" contenttype="NONE"
                  type="s2" sizeop="sizeof(s2)"/>

    <!--  SIGNED 8bit -->
    <primary_type symbol="BYTE" datatype="BYTE" contenttype="NONE"
                  type="s1" sizeop="sizeof(s1)"/>

    <!--  UNSIGNED 8bit -->
    <primary_type symbol="UBYTE" datatype="U1" contenttype="NONE"
                  type="u1" sizeop="sizeof(u1)"/>

    <!--  float 32bit -->
    <primary_type symbol="FLOAT" datatype="FLOAT" contenttype="NONE"
                  type="float" sizeop="sizeof(float)"/>

    <!--  float 64bit -->
    <primary_type symbol="DOUBLE" datatype="DOUBLE" contenttype="NONE"
                  type="double" sizeop="sizeof(double)"/>

    <!-- boolean type (1-byte) -->
    <primary_type symbol="BOOLEAN" datatype="BOOLEAN" contenttype="NONE"
                  type="bool" sizeop="1"/>

    <!-- 32-bit unsigned integer, SEMANTIC value BYTES -->
    <primary_type symbol="BYTES" datatype="U4" contenttype="BYTES"
                  type="u4" sizeop="sizeof(u4)"/>

    <primary_type symbol="IOBYTES" datatype="U4" contenttype="BYTES"
                  type="u4" sizeop="sizeof(u4)"/>

    <!-- 64-bit unsigned integer, SEMANTIC value BYTES -->
    <primary_type symbol="BYTES64" datatype="U8" contenttype="BYTES"
                  type="u8" sizeop="sizeof(u8)"/>

    <!-- 64-bit unsigned integer, SEMANTIC value ABSOLUTE MILLISECONDS -->
    <primary_type symbol="EPOCHMILLIS" datatype="LONG" contenttype="EPOCHMILLIS"
                  type="s8" sizeop="sizeof(s8)"/>

    <!-- 64-bit unsigned integer, SEMANTIC value RELATIVE MILLISECONDS -->
    <primary_type symbol="MILLIS" datatype="LONG" contenttype="MILLIS"
                  type="s8" sizeop="sizeof(s8)"/>

    <!-- 64-bit unsigned integer, SEMANTIC value RELATIVE NANOSECONDS -->
    <primary_type symbol="NANOS" datatype="LONG" contenttype="NANOS"
                  type="s8" sizeop="sizeof(s8)"/>

    <!-- 64-bit signed integer, SEMANTIC value TICKS -->
    <primary_type symbol="TICKS" datatype="LONG" contenttype="TICKS"
                  type="Ticks" sizeop="sizeof(s8)"/>

    <!-- 64-bit signed integer, SEMANTIC value TICKS duration -->
    <primary_type symbol="TICKSPAN" datatype="LONG" contenttype="TICKS"
                  type="Tickspan" sizeop="sizeof(s8)"/>

    <!-- 64-bit unsigned integer, SEMANTIC value ADDRESS (mem loc) -->
    <primary_type symbol="ADDRESS" datatype="U8" contenttype="ADDRESS"
                  type="u8" sizeop="sizeof(u8)"/>

    <!-- 32-bit float, SEMANTIC value PERCENTAGE (0.0-1.0) -->
    <primary_type symbol="PERCENT" datatype="FLOAT" contenttype="PERCENTAGE"
                  type="float" sizeop="sizeof(float)"/>

    <!-- UTF-encoded string, max length 64k -->
    <primary_type symbol="UTF8" datatype="UTF8" contenttype="NONE"
                  type="const char *" sizeop="sizeof_utf(%)"/>

    <!-- UTF-16 encoded (Unicode) string, max length maxjuint -->
    <primary_type symbol="STRING" datatype="STRING" contenttype="NONE"
                  type="TraceUnicodeString*" sizeop="sizeof_unicode(%)"/>

    <!-- Symbol* constant. Note that this may currently ONLY be used by
          classes, methods fields.  This restriction might be lifted. -->
    <primary_type symbol="SYMBOL" datatype="U8" contenttype="SYMBOL"
                  type="Symbol *" sizeop="sizeof(u8)"/>

    <!-- A Klass *. The actual class is marked as "used" and will
         eventually be written into the recording constant pool -->
    <primary_type symbol="CLASS" datatype="U8" contenttype="CLASS"
                  type="Klass *" sizeop="sizeof(u8)"/>

    <!-- A Method *. The method is marked as "used" and will eventually be
         written into the recording constant pool. -->
    <primary_type symbol="METHOD" datatype="U8" contenttype="METHOD"
                  type="Method *" sizeop="sizeof(u8)"/>

    <!--  The type for stacktraces in the recording. Shoudl not be used by
          events explicitly -->
    <primary_type symbol="STACKTRACE" datatype="U8" contenttype="STACKTRACE"
                  type="u8" sizeop="sizeof(u8)"/>

    <!-- OS Thread ID -->
    <primary_type symbol="OSTHREAD" datatype="U4" contenttype="OSTHREAD"
                  type="u4" sizeop="sizeof(u4)"/>

    <!-- VM Thread ID Note: changed from U2 to U8 for hotspot -->
    <primary_type symbol="VMTHREAD" datatype="U8" contenttype="VMTHREAD"
                  type="u8"  sizeop="sizeof(u8)"/>

    <!-- Java Thread ID -->
    <primary_type symbol="JAVALANGTHREAD" datatype="LONG"
                  contenttype="JAVALANGTHREAD" type="s8"

          for thread constant pool // KK TODO: u8 should be ObjectP -->
    <primary_type symbol="THREADGROUP" datatype="U4" contenttype="THREADGROUP"

    <!-- FRAMETYPE enum -->
    <primary_type symbol="FRAMETYPE" datatype="U1" contenttype="FRAMETYPE"
                  type="u1" sizeop="sizeof(u1)"/>

    <!-- THREADSTATE enum -->
    <primary_type symbol="THREADSTATE" datatype="U2" contenttype="THREADSTATE"
                  type="u2" sizeop="sizeof(u2)"/>

    <!-- GCName -->
    <primary_type symbol="GCNAME" datatype="U1" contenttype="GCNAME"
                  type="u1" sizeop="sizeof(u1)" />

    <!-- GCCAUSE -->
    <primary_type symbol="GCCAUSE" datatype="U2" contenttype="GCCAUSE"
                  type="u2" sizeop="sizeof(u2)" />

    <!-- GCWHEN -->
    <primary_type symbol="GCWHEN" datatype="U1" contenttype="GCWHEN"
                  type="u1" sizeop="sizeof(u1)" />

    <!-- G1YCType -->
    <primary_type symbol="G1YCTYPE" datatype="U1" contenttype="G1YCTYPE"
                  type="u1" sizeop="sizeof(u1)" />

    <primary_type symbol="GCTHRESHOLDUPDATER" datatype="U1" contenttype="GCTHRESHOLDUPDATER"
                  type="u1" sizeop="sizeof(u1)" />

    <!-- REFERENCETYPE -->
    <primary_type symbol="REFERENCETYPE" datatype="U1"
                  contenttype="REFERENCETYPE" type="u1" sizeop="sizeof(u1)" />

    <!-- METADATATYPE -->
    <primary_type symbol="METADATATYPE" datatype="U1"
                  contenttype="METADATATYPE" type="u1" sizeop="sizeof(u1)" />

    <primary_type symbol="METASPACEOBJTYPE" datatype="U1"
                  contenttype="METASPACEOBJTYPE" type="u1" sizeop="sizeof(u1)" />

    <!-- NARROWOOPMODE -->
    <primary_type symbol="NARROWOOPMODE" datatype="U1"
                  contenttype="NARROWOOPMODE" type="u1" sizeop="sizeof(u1)" />

    <primary_type symbol="COMPILERPHASETYPE" datatype="U1"
                  contenttype="COMPILERPHASETYPE" type="u1" sizeop="sizeof(u1)" />

    <primary_type symbol="VMOPERATIONTYPE" datatype="U2" contenttype="VMOPERATIONTYPE"
                  type="u2" sizeop="sizeof(u2)" />
    <primary_type symbol="FLAGVALUEORIGIN" datatype="U1"
                  contenttype="FLAGVALUEORIGIN" type="u1" sizeop="sizeof(u1)" />