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Provides classes for implementing XML Encryption applications. There are two
main families of classes in this package. The first group of classes is an
XML Schema to Java mapping of &nbsp;the complex types and elements of the
XML Encryption Schema as outllined at <a
 href="">XML Encrtypyion
Specification</a>. The second group of classes are used to perform encryption
operations, and to manipulate the first group of classes. The most important
classes in this second group is <code><a
and <code>XMLSerializer</code>. <code>XMLCipher</code> was designed to resemble
<code>javax.crypto.Cipher</code>. The aforementioned classes were desinged
with ease-of-use and configurability in mind. Becuase of this, the programmer
may at times be exposed to lower level programming tasks. This library strives
to be as simple as possible to use, but no simpler.<br>