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duke@0 1 README:
ohair@274 2 This file should be located at the top of the OpenJDK Mercurial root
ohair@630 3 repository. A full OpenJDK repository set (forest) should also include
ohair@630 4 the following 6 nested repositories:
ohair@274 5 "jdk", "hotspot", "langtools", "corba", "jaxws" and "jaxp".
ohair@274 6
ohair@630 7 The root repository can be obtained with something like:
neugens@357 8 hg clone openjdk8
neugens@357 9
ohair@630 10 You can run the script located in the root repository to get
ohair@630 11 the other needed repositories:
neugens@357 12 cd openjdk8 && sh ./
neugens@357 13
ohair@274 14 People unfamiliar with Mercurial should read the first few chapters of
ohair@274 15 the Mercurial book:
duke@0 16
ohair@630 17 See for more information about OpenJDK.
duke@0 18
duke@0 19 Simple Build Instructions:
ohair@274 20
ohair@274 21 0. Get the necessary system software/packages installed on your system, see
ohair@630 22
duke@0 23
ohair@630 24 1. If you don't have a jdk7u7 or newer jdk, download and install it from
duke@0 25
ohair@630 26 Add the /bin directory of this installation to your PATH environment
ohair@630 27 variable.
duke@0 28
ohair@630 29 2. Configure the build:
ohair@630 30 bash ./configure
duke@0 31
ohair@630 32 3. Build the OpenJDK:
ohair@318 33 make all
ohair@630 34 The resulting JDK image should be found in build/*/images/j2sdk-image
duke@0 35
ohair@318 36 where make is GNU make 3.81 or newer, /usr/bin/make on Linux usually
ohair@630 37 is 3.81 or newer. Note that on Solaris, GNU make is called "gmake".
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ohair@630 39 Complete details are available in the file:
ohair@630 40