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/* Copied from JDK 1.2: mutex_md.h      1.13 98/09/21 */

 * Win32 implementation of mutexes. Here we use critical sections as
 * our mutexes. We could have used mutexes, but mutexes are heavier
 * weight than critical sections. Mutexes and critical sections are
 * semantically identical, the only difference being that mutexes
 * can operate between processes (i.e. address spaces).
 * It's worth noting that the Win32 functions supporting critical
 * sections do not provide any error information whatsoever (i.e.
 * all critical section routines return (void)).


#include <windows.h>

typedef CRITICAL_SECTION mutex_t;

#define mutexInit(m)    InitializeCriticalSection(m)
#define mutexDestroy(m) DeleteCriticalSection(m)
#define mutexLock(m)    EnterCriticalSection(m)
#define mutexUnlock(m)  LeaveCriticalSection(m)

#endif /* !_JAVASOFT_WIN32_MUTEX_MD_H_ */