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#include <jni.h>
#include <sys/types.h>
#include "sys.h"
#include "socket_md.h"

#define DBG_POLLIN              1
#define DBG_POLLOUT             2

#define DBG_EINPROGRESS         -150
#define DBG_ETIMEOUT            -200

int dbgsysSocketClose(int fd);
int dbgsysConnect(int fd, struct sockaddr *him, int len);
int dbgsysFinishConnect(int fd, long timeout);
int dbgsysAccept(int fd, struct sockaddr *him, int *len);
int dbgsysSendTo(int fd, char *buf, int len, int flags, struct sockaddr *to,
              int tolen);
int dbgsysRecvFrom(int fd, char *buf, int nbytes, int flags,
                struct sockaddr *from, int *fromlen);
int dbgsysListen(int fd, int backlog);
int dbgsysRecv(int fd, char *buf, int nBytes, int flags);
int dbgsysSend(int fd, char *buf, int nBytes, int flags);
struct hostent *dbgsysGetHostByName(char *hostname);
int dbgsysSocket(int domain, int type, int protocol);
int dbgsysBind(int fd, struct sockaddr *name, int namelen);
int dbgsysSetSocketOption(int fd, jint cmd, jboolean on, jvalue value);
uint32_t dbgsysInetAddr(const char* cp);
uint32_t dbgsysHostToNetworkLong(uint32_t hostlong);
unsigned short dbgsysHostToNetworkShort(unsigned short hostshort);
uint32_t dbgsysNetworkToHostLong(uint32_t netlong);
unsigned short dbgsysNetworkToHostShort(unsigned short netshort);
int dbgsysGetSocketName(int fd, struct sockaddr *him, int *len);
int dbgsysConfigureBlocking(int fd, jboolean blocking);
int dbgsysPoll(int fd, jboolean rd, jboolean wr, long timeout);
int dbgsysGetLastIOError(char *buf, jint size);
long dbgsysCurrentTimeMillis();

 * TLS support
int dbgsysTlsAlloc();
void dbgsysTlsFree(int index);
void dbgsysTlsPut(int index, void *value);
void* dbgsysTlsGet(int index);