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<title>Doc Process Notes</title>
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<h3><a name="REGEXP"></a><br>
<p> REGEXP is a list of wildcard patterns that determines which packages listed 
  in CORE_PKGS.gmk go into which summary-table on the main API index page. It 
  was motivated by the need to divide the world into &quot;core packages&quot; 
  (java.*) and &quot;extension packages&quot; (javax.*). In time, the distinction 
  went away. The whole table is now called &quot;Platform Packages&quot;--which 
  eliminated the need for this list of regular expressions. But it lingered on, 
  accreting all of the packages in the JVM, one by one. I pruned it back to &quot;*&quot;, 
  so it now covers every package in the Java platform API docs. If some separation 
  is needed in the future, it can grow back into a colon-separated list, starting 
  with this, which is in all respects equivalent to &quot;*&quot; at this point 
  in time:</p>
  <pre>REGEXP = &quot;java.*:javax.*:org.ietf*:org.omg.</pre>
<h3><a name="releaseTargets"></a><br>
  Release Targets</h3>
<p> (Thanks to Kelly O'Hair for this info.)</p>
<p> The <tt>rel-coredocs</tt> and <tt>rel-docs</tt> targets were added by Eric 
  Armstrong. <tt>rel-coredocs</tt> assumes the kind of large, 32-bit machine used 
  in the javapubs group's docs-release process. It specifies memory settings accordingly 
  to maximize performance.</p>
<p> The performance settings, like the sanity check, are most important for the 
  core docs--the platform APIs. Running javadoc on those APIs takes a significant 
  amount of time and memory. Setting the initial heap size as large as possible 
  is important to prevent thrashing as the heap grows. Setting the maximum as 
  large as necessary is also important to keep the job from failing.</p>
  <p> <tt>-J-Xmx512</tt> sets a maximum of 512, which became necessary in 6.0<br>
    <tt>-J-Xms256</tt> sets starting size to 256 (default is 8)</p>
<p> <tt>rel-coredocs</tt> also includes a sanity check to help ensure that <tt>BUILD_NUMBER</tt> 
  and <tt>MILESTONE</tt> are specified properly when docs are built outside of 
  the normal release engineering process, with the intention of releasing them 
  on the web or in a downloaded docs bundle. (When invoked in release engineering's 
  control build, the values are always set properly. But when the targets are 
  run by themselves, they default to b00 and &quot;internal&quot;--which silently 
  sabotage the result of a build that can take many hours to complete.</p>