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6711717: PIT: Security Icon is hidden for FullScreen apps, WinXP Summary: Force hiding the security warning in FS exclusive mode. Reviewed-by: art, tdv
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date Wed, 14 Oct 2009 16:19:46 +0400
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 * published by the Free Software Foundation.  Sun designates this
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 * This code is distributed in the hope that it will be useful, but WITHOUT
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 * have any questions.

#ifndef AWT_WINDOW_H
#define AWT_WINDOW_H

#include "awt_Canvas.h"

#include "java_awt_Window.h"
#include "sun_awt_windows_WWindowPeer.h"

// property name tagging windows disabled by modality
static LPCTSTR ModalBlockerProp = TEXT("SunAwtModalBlockerProp");
static LPCTSTR ModalDialogPeerProp = TEXT("SunAwtModalDialogPeerProp");
static LPCTSTR NativeDialogWndProcProp = TEXT("SunAwtNativeDialogWndProcProp");

#ifndef WH_MOUSE_LL
#define WH_MOUSE_LL 14

class AwtFrame;

 * AwtWindow class

class AwtWindow : public AwtCanvas {

    /* java.awt.Window field ids */
    static jfieldID warningStringID;
    static jfieldID locationByPlatformID;
    static jfieldID screenID; /* screen number passed over from WindowPeer */
    static jfieldID autoRequestFocusID;
    static jfieldID securityWarningWidthID;
    static jfieldID securityWarningHeightID;

    // The coordinates at the peer.
    static jfieldID sysXID;
    static jfieldID sysYID;
    static jfieldID sysWID;
    static jfieldID sysHID;

    static jmethodID getWarningStringMID;
    static jmethodID calculateSecurityWarningPositionMID;

    virtual ~AwtWindow();

    virtual void Dispose();

    virtual LPCTSTR GetClassName();
    virtual void FillClassInfo(WNDCLASSEX *lpwc);

    static AwtWindow* Create(jobject self, jobject parent);

    // Returns TRUE if this Window is equal to or one of owners of wnd
    BOOL IsOneOfOwnersOf(AwtWindow * wnd);

    /* Update the insets for this Window (container), its peer &
     * optional other
    BOOL UpdateInsets(jobject insets = 0);
    BOOL HasValidRect();

    static BOOL CALLBACK UpdateOwnedIconCallback(HWND hwnd, LPARAM param);

    INLINE AwtFrame * GetOwningFrameOrDialog() { return m_owningFrameDialog; }

    HWND GetTopLevelHWnd();

    /* Subtract inset values from a window origin. */
    INLINE void SubtractInsetPoint(int& x, int& y) {
        x -= m_insets.left;
        y -=;

    virtual void GetInsets(RECT* rect) {
        VERIFY(::CopyRect(rect, &m_insets));

    /* to make embedded frames easier */
    virtual BOOL IsEmbeddedFrame() { return FALSE;}

    /* We can hold children */
    virtual BOOL IsContainer() { return TRUE;}

    virtual BOOL IsUndecorated() { return TRUE; }

    INLINE virtual BOOL IsSimpleWindow() { return TRUE; }

    INLINE BOOL IsRetainingHierarchyZOrder() { return m_isRetainingHierarchyZOrder; }

    /* WARNING: don't invoke on Toolkit thread! */
    INLINE BOOL IsAutoRequestFocus() {
        JNIEnv *env = (JNIEnv *)JNU_GetEnv(jvm, JNI_VERSION_1_2);
        return env->GetBooleanField(GetTarget(env), AwtWindow::autoRequestFocusID);

    INLINE virtual BOOL IsFocusedWindowModalBlocker() {
        return FALSE;

    virtual void Invalidate(RECT* r);
    virtual void Show();
    virtual void SetResizable(BOOL isResizable);
    BOOL IsResizable();
    virtual void RecalcNonClient();
    virtual void RedrawNonClient();
    virtual int  GetScreenImOn();
    virtual void CheckIfOnNewScreen();
    virtual void Grab();
    virtual void Ungrab();
    virtual void Ungrab(BOOL doPost);
    virtual void SetIconData(JNIEnv* env, jintArray iconData, jint w, jint h,
                             jintArray smallIconData, jint smw, jint smh);
    virtual void DoUpdateIcon();
    INLINE HICON GetHIcon() {return m_hIcon;};
    INLINE HICON GetHIconSm() {return m_hIconSm;};
    INLINE BOOL IsIconInherited() {return m_iconInherited;};

    /* Post events to the EventQueue */
    void SendComponentEvent(jint eventId);
    void SendWindowEvent(jint id, HWND opposite = NULL,
                         jint oldState = 0, jint newState = 0);

    BOOL IsFocusableWindow();

    /* some helper methods about blocking windows by modal dialogs */
    INLINE static HWND GetModalBlocker(HWND window) {
        return reinterpret_cast<HWND>(::GetProp(window, ModalBlockerProp));
    static void SetModalBlocker(HWND window, HWND blocker);
    static void SetAndActivateModalBlocker(HWND window, HWND blocker);

    static HWND GetTopmostModalBlocker(HWND window);

     * Windows message handler functions
    virtual MsgRouting WmActivate(UINT nState, BOOL fMinimized, HWND opposite);
    virtual MsgRouting WmCreate();
    virtual MsgRouting WmClose();
    virtual MsgRouting WmDestroy();
    virtual MsgRouting WmShowWindow(BOOL show, UINT status);
    virtual MsgRouting WmGetMinMaxInfo(LPMINMAXINFO lpmmi);
    virtual MsgRouting WmMove(int x, int y);
    virtual MsgRouting WmSize(UINT type, int w, int h);
    virtual MsgRouting WmSizing();
    virtual MsgRouting WmPaint(HDC hDC);
    virtual MsgRouting WmSettingChange(UINT wFlag, LPCTSTR pszSection);
    virtual MsgRouting WmNcCalcSize(BOOL fCalcValidRects,
                                    LPNCCALCSIZE_PARAMS lpncsp, LRESULT& retVal);
    virtual MsgRouting WmNcHitTest(UINT x, UINT y, LRESULT& retVal);
    virtual MsgRouting WmNcMouseDown(WPARAM hitTest, int x, int y, int button);
    virtual MsgRouting WmGetIcon(WPARAM iconType, LRESULT& retVal);
    virtual LRESULT WindowProc(UINT message, WPARAM wParam, LPARAM lParam);
    virtual MsgRouting WmWindowPosChanging(LPARAM windowPos);
    virtual MsgRouting WmWindowPosChanged(LPARAM windowPos);
    virtual MsgRouting WmTimer(UINT_PTR timerID);

    virtual MsgRouting HandleEvent(MSG *msg, BOOL synthetic);
    virtual void WindowResized();

    static jboolean _RequestWindowFocus(void *param);

    virtual BOOL AwtSetActiveWindow(BOOL isMouseEventCause = FALSE, UINT hittest = HTCLIENT);

    // Execute on Toolkit only.
    INLINE static LRESULT SynthesizeWmActivate(BOOL doActivate, HWND targetHWnd, HWND oppositeHWnd) {
        if (::IsWindowVisible(targetHWnd)) {
            return ::SendMessage(targetHWnd, WM_ACTIVATE,
                                 MAKEWPARAM(doActivate ? WA_ACTIVE : WA_INACTIVE, FALSE),
                                 (LPARAM) oppositeHWnd);
        return 1; // if not processed

    void moveToDefaultLocation(); /* moves Window to X,Y specified by Window Manger */

    void UpdateWindow(JNIEnv* env, jintArray data, int width, int height,
                      HBITMAP hNewBitmap = NULL);

    INLINE virtual BOOL IsTopLevel() { return TRUE; }
    static AwtWindow * GetGrabbedWindow() { return m_grabbedWindow; }

    static void FlashWindowEx(HWND hWnd, UINT count, DWORD timeout, DWORD flags);

    // some methods invoked on Toolkit thread
    static void _ToFront(void *param);
    static void _ToBack(void *param);
    static void _Grab(void *param);
    static void _Ungrab(void *param);
    static void _SetAlwaysOnTop(void *param);
    static void _SetTitle(void *param);
    static void _SetResizable(void *param);
    static void _UpdateInsets(void *param);
    static void _ReshapeFrame(void *param);
    static void _SetIconImagesData(void * param);
    static void _SetMinSize(void* param);
    static jint _GetScreenImOn(void *param);
    static void _SetFocusableWindow(void *param);
    static void _SetModalExcludedNativeProp(void *param);
    static void _ModalDisable(void *param);
    static void _ModalEnable(void *param);
    static void _SetOpacity(void* param);
    static void _SetOpaque(void* param);
    static void _UpdateWindow(void* param);
    static void _RepositionSecurityWarning(void* param);
    static void _SetFullScreenExclusiveModeState(void* param);

    inline static BOOL IsResizing() {
        return sm_resizing;

    virtual void CreateHWnd(JNIEnv *env, LPCWSTR title,
            DWORD windowStyle, DWORD windowExStyle,
            int x, int y, int w, int h,
            HWND hWndParent, HMENU hMenu,
            COLORREF colorForeground, COLORREF colorBackground,
            jobject peer);
    virtual void DestroyHWnd();

    static void FocusedWindowChanged(HWND from, HWND to);

    static int ms_instanceCounter;
    static HHOOK ms_hCBTFilter;
    static LRESULT CALLBACK CBTFilter(int nCode, WPARAM wParam, LPARAM lParam);
    static BOOL sm_resizing;        /* in the middle of a resizing operation */

    RECT m_insets;          /* a cache of the insets being used */
    RECT m_old_insets;      /* help determine if insets change */
    POINT m_sizePt;         /* the last value of WM_SIZE */
    RECT m_warningRect;     /* The window's warning banner area, if any. */
    AwtFrame *m_owningFrameDialog; /* The nearest Frame/Dialog which owns us */
    BOOL m_isFocusableWindow; /* a cache of Window.isFocusableWindow() return value */
    POINT m_minSize;          /* Minimum size of the window for WM_GETMINMAXINFO message */
    BOOL m_grabbed; // Whether the current window is grabbed
    BOOL m_isRetainingHierarchyZOrder; // Is this a window that shouldn't change z-order of any window
                                       // from its hierarchy when shown. Currently applied to instances of
                                       // javax/swing/Popup$HeavyWeightWindow class.

    // SetTranslucency() is the setter for the following two fields
    BYTE m_opacity;         // The opacity level. == 0xff by default (when opacity mode is disabled)
    BOOL m_opaque;          // Whether the window uses the perpixel translucency (false), or not (true).

    inline BYTE getOpacity() {
        return m_opacity;

    inline BOOL isOpaque() {
        return m_opaque;

    CRITICAL_SECTION contentBitmapCS;
    HBITMAP hContentBitmap;
    UINT contentWidth;
    UINT contentHeight;

    void SetTranslucency(BYTE opacity, BOOL opaque, BOOL setValues = TRUE,
            BOOL useDefaultForOldValues = FALSE);
    void UpdateWindow(int width, int height, HBITMAP hBitmap);
    void UpdateWindowImpl(int width, int height, HBITMAP hBitmap);
    void RedrawWindow();
    void DeleteContentBitmap();

    static UINT untrustedWindowsCounter;

    WCHAR * warningString;

    // The warning icon
    HWND warningWindow;
    // The tooltip that appears when hovering the icon
    HWND securityTooltipWindow;

    UINT warningWindowWidth;
    UINT warningWindowHeight;
    void InitSecurityWarningSize(JNIEnv *env);
    HICON GetSecurityWarningIcon();

    void CreateWarningWindow(JNIEnv *env);
    void DestroyWarningWindow();
    static LPCTSTR GetWarningWindowClassName();
    void FillWarningWindowClassInfo(WNDCLASS *lpwc);
    void RegisterWarningWindowClass();
    void UnregisterWarningWindowClass();
    static LRESULT CALLBACK WarningWindowProc(
            HWND hwnd, UINT uMsg, WPARAM wParam, LPARAM lParam);

    static void PaintWarningWindow(HWND warningWindow);
    static void PaintWarningWindow(HWND warningWindow, HDC hdc);
    void RepaintWarningWindow();
    void CalculateWarningWindowBounds(JNIEnv *env, LPRECT rect);

    void AnimateSecurityWarning(bool enable);
    UINT securityWarningAnimationStage;

    enum AnimationKind {
        akNone, akShow, akPreHide, akHide

    AnimationKind securityAnimationKind;

    void StartSecurityAnimation(AnimationKind kind);
    void StopSecurityAnimation();

    void RepositionSecurityWarning(JNIEnv *env);

    static void SetLayered(HWND window, bool layered);
    static bool IsLayered(HWND window);

    BOOL fullScreenExclusiveModeState;
    inline void setFullScreenExclusiveModeState(BOOL isEntered) {
        fullScreenExclusiveModeState = isEntered;
    inline BOOL isFullScreenExclusiveMode() {
        return fullScreenExclusiveModeState;

    void UpdateSecurityWarningVisibility();
    static bool IsWarningWindow(HWND hWnd);

    BOOL m_isResizable;
    static AwtWindow* m_grabbedWindow; // Current grabbing window
    HICON m_hIcon;            /* Icon for this window. It can be set explicitely or inherited from the owner */
    HICON m_hIconSm;          /* Small icon for this window. It can be set explicitely or inherited from the owner */
    BOOL m_iconInherited;     /* TRUE if icon is inherited from the owner */
    BOOL m_filterFocusAndActivation; /* Used in the WH_CBT hook */

    inline BOOL IsUntrusted() {
        return warningString != NULL;

    UINT currentWmSizeState;

    void EnableTranslucency(BOOL enable);

    int m_screenNum;

    void InitOwner(AwtWindow *owner);

#endif /* AWT_WINDOW_H */