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8132890: Text Overlapping on Dot Matrix Printers Reviewed-by: serb
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<applet  code="PrintTextTest.class" width=400 height=100></applet>
This tests that printed text renders similarly to on-screen,
under a variety of APIs and graphics and font transforms
Print to your preferred printer. Collect the output.
Refer to the onscreen buttons to cycle through the on-screen
For each page, confirm that the printed content corresponds to
the on-screen rendering for that *same* page.
Some cases may look odd but its intentional. Verify
it looks the same on screen and on the printer.
Note that text does not scale linearly from screen to printer
so some differences are normal and not a bug.
The easiest way to spot real problems is to check that
any underlines are the same length as the underlined text
and that any rotations are the same in each case.
Note that each on-screen page is printed in both portrait
and landscape mode
So for example, Page 1/Portrait, and Page 1/Landscape when
rotated to view properly, should both match Page 1 on screen.;