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6953477: Increase portability and flexibility of building Hotspot Summary: A collection of portability improvements including shared code support for PPC, ARM platforms, software floating point, cross compilation support and improvements in error crash detail. Reviewed-by: phh, never, coleenp, dholmes
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  // FP value associated with _last_Java_sp:
  intptr_t* volatile        _last_Java_fp;           // pointer is volatile not what it points to

  // Each arch must define reset, save, restore
  // These are used by objects that only care about:
  //  1 - initializing a new state (thread creation, javaCalls)
  //  2 - saving a current state (javaCalls)
  //  3 - restoring an old state (javaCalls)

  void clear(void) {
    // clearing _last_Java_sp must be first
    _last_Java_sp = NULL;
    // fence?
    _last_Java_fp = NULL;
    _last_Java_pc = NULL;

  void copy(JavaFrameAnchor* src) {
    // In order to make sure the transition state is valid for "this"
    // We must clear _last_Java_sp before copying the rest of the new data
    // Hack Alert: Temporary bugfix for 4717480/4721647
    // To act like previous version (pd_cache_state) don't NULL _last_Java_sp
    // unless the value is changing
    if (_last_Java_sp != src->_last_Java_sp)
      _last_Java_sp = NULL;

    _last_Java_fp = src->_last_Java_fp;
    _last_Java_pc = src->_last_Java_pc;
    // Must be last so profiler will always see valid frame if has_last_frame() is true
    _last_Java_sp = src->_last_Java_sp;

  // Always walkable
  bool walkable(void) { return true; }
  // Never any thing to do since we are always walkable and can find address of return addresses
  void make_walkable(JavaThread* thread) { }

  intptr_t* last_Java_sp(void) const             { return _last_Java_sp; }

  address last_Java_pc(void)                     { return _last_Java_pc; }


  static ByteSize last_Java_fp_offset()          { return byte_offset_of(JavaFrameAnchor, _last_Java_fp); }


  void set_last_Java_sp(intptr_t* sp)            { _last_Java_sp = sp; }

  intptr_t*   last_Java_fp(void)                     { return _last_Java_fp; }
  // Assert (last_Java_sp == NULL || fp == NULL)
  void set_last_Java_fp(intptr_t* fp)                { _last_Java_fp = fp; }