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#ifdef CC_INTERP

// This file contains the platform-independent parts
// of the c++ interpreter

class CppInterpreter: public AbstractInterpreter {
  friend class VMStructs;
  friend class Interpreter; // contains()
  friend class InterpreterGenerator; // result handlers
  friend class CppInterpreterGenerator; // result handlers


  // tosca result -> stack result
  static address    _tosca_to_stack[number_of_result_handlers];  // converts tosca to C++ interpreter stack result
  // stack result -> stack result
  static address    _stack_to_stack[number_of_result_handlers];  // pass result between C++ interpreter calls
  // stack result -> native abi result
  static address    _stack_to_native_abi[number_of_result_handlers];  // converts C++ interpreter results to native abi

  // this is to allow frame and only frame to use contains().
  friend class      frame;

  // Initialization/debugging
  static void       initialize();
  // this only returns whether a pc is within generated code for the interpreter.

  // This is a moderately dubious interface for the c++ interpreter. Only
  // frame code and debug.cpp should be using it.
  static bool       contains(address pc);


  // No displatch table to switch so no need for these to do anything special
  static void notice_safepoints() {}
  static void ignore_safepoints() {}

  static address    native_result_to_tosca()                    { return (address)_native_abi_to_tosca; } // aka result handler
  static address    tosca_result_to_stack()                     { return (address)_tosca_to_stack; }
  static address    stack_result_to_stack()                     { return (address)_stack_to_stack; }
  static address    stack_result_to_native()                    { return (address)_stack_to_native_abi; }

  static address    native_result_to_tosca(int index)           { return _native_abi_to_tosca[index]; } // aka result handler
  static address    tosca_result_to_stack(int index)            { return _tosca_to_stack[index]; }
  static address    stack_result_to_stack(int index)            { return _stack_to_stack[index]; }
  static address    stack_result_to_native(int index)           { return _stack_to_native_abi[index]; }

  static address    return_entry  (TosState state, int length);
  static address    deopt_entry   (TosState state, int length);

#include "incls/_cppInterpreter_pd.hpp.incl"


#endif // CC_INTERP