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alanb@6073 1 ." Copyright (c) 2004, 2012, Oracle and/or its affiliates. All rights reserved.
michaelm@5116 3 ."
michaelm@5116 4 ." This code is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify it
michaelm@5116 5 ." under the terms of the GNU General Public License version 2 only, as
michaelm@5116 6 ." published by the Free Software Foundation.
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michaelm@5116 8 ." This code is distributed in the hope that it will be useful, but WITHOUT
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michaelm@5116 10 ." FITNESS FOR A PARTICULAR PURPOSE. See the GNU General Public License
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michaelm@5116 14 ." You should have received a copy of the GNU General Public License version
michaelm@5116 15 ." 2 along with this work; if not, write to the Free Software Foundation,
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michaelm@5116 19 ." or visit if you need additional information or have any
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michaelm@5116 21 ."
michaelm@5116 22 .TH apt 1 "10 May 2011"
michaelm@5116 23
michaelm@5116 24 .LP
michaelm@5116 25 .SH "NAME"
michaelm@5116 26 .LP
michaelm@5116 27 .LP
michaelm@5116 28 \f2apt\fP \- annotation processing tool
michaelm@5116 29 .LP
michaelm@5116 30 .SH "SYNOPSIS"
michaelm@5116 31 .LP
michaelm@5116 32 .LP
michaelm@5116 33 \f2apt [\-classpath \fP\f2classpath\fP] [\-sourcepath \f2sourcepath\fP] [\-d \f2directory\fP] [\-s \f2directory\fP] [\-factorypath \f2path\fP] [\-factory \f2class\fP] [\-print] [\-nocompile] [\-A\f2key\fP[\f2=val\fP] ...] [\f2javac option\fP] sourcefiles [@files]
michaelm@5116 34 .LP
michaelm@5116 35 .SH "PARAMETERS"
michaelm@5116 36 .LP
michaelm@5116 37 .LP
michaelm@5116 38 Options may be in any order. For a discussion of parameters which apply to a specific option, see OPTIONS below.
michaelm@5116 39 .LP
michaelm@5116 40 .RS 3
michaelm@5116 41 .TP 3
michaelm@5116 42 sourcefiles
michaelm@5116 43 Zero or more source files to be processed.
michaelm@5116 44 .TP 3
michaelm@5116 45 @files
michaelm@5116 46 One or more files that list source files or other options
michaelm@5116 47 .RE
michaelm@5116 48
michaelm@5116 49 .LP
michaelm@5116 50 .SH "DESCRIPTION"
michaelm@5116 51 .LP
michaelm@5116 52 .LP
michaelm@5116 53 \f3Note\fP: The \f2apt\fP tool and its associated API contained in the package \f2com.sun.mirror\fP have been deprecated since JDK 7 and are planned to be removed in the next major JDK release. Use the options available in the \f2javac(1)\fP tool and the APIs contained in the packages \f2javax.annotation.processing\fP and \f2javax.lang.model\fP to process annotations.
michaelm@5116 54 .LP
michaelm@5116 55 .LP
michaelm@5116 56 The tool \f2apt\fP, annotation processing tool, includes reflective APIs and supporting infrastructure to process program annotations. The \f2apt\fP reflective APIs provide a build\-time, source\-based, read\-only view of program structure. These reflective APIs are designed to cleanly model the Java(TM) programming language's type system after the addition of generics. First, \f2apt\fP runs annotation processors that can produce new source code and other files. Next, \f2apt\fP can cause compilation of both original and generated source files, easing development. The reflective APIs and other APIs used to interact with the tool are subpackages of \f2com.sun.mirror\fP.
michaelm@5116 57 .LP
michaelm@5116 58 .LP
michaelm@5116 59 A fuller discussion of how the tool operates as well as instructions for developing with \f2apt\fP are in
michaelm@5116 60 .na
michaelm@5116 61 \f4Getting Started with \fP\f4apt\fP. @
michaelm@5116 62 .fi
michaelm@5116 63
michaelm@5116 64 .LP
michaelm@5116 65 .SH "OPTIONS"
michaelm@5116 66 .LP
michaelm@5116 67 .SS
michaelm@5116 68 apt specific options
michaelm@5116 69 .LP
michaelm@5116 70 .RS 3
michaelm@5116 71 .TP 3
michaelm@5116 72 \-s dir
michaelm@5116 73 Specify the directory root under which processor\-generated source files will be placed; files are placed in subdirectories based on package namespace.
michaelm@5116 74 .TP 3
michaelm@5116 75 \-nocompile
michaelm@5116 76 Do not compile source files to class files.
michaelm@5116 77 .TP 3
michaelm@5116 78 \-print
michaelm@5116 79 Print out textual representation of specified types; perform no annotation processing or compilation.
michaelm@5116 80 .TP 3
michaelm@5116 81 \-A[key[=val]]
michaelm@5116 82 Options to pass to annotation processors \-\- these are not interpreted by \f2apt\fP directly, but are made available for use by individual processors
michaelm@5116 83 .TP 3
michaelm@5116 84 \-factorypath path
michaelm@5116 85 Specify where to find annotation processor factories; if this option is used, the classpath is \f2not\fP searched for factories.
michaelm@5116 86 .TP 3
michaelm@5116 87 \-factory classname
michaelm@5116 88 Name of annotation processor factory to use; bypasses default discovery process
michaelm@5116 89 .TP 3
michaelm@5116 90 \-version
michaelm@5116 91 Print version information.
michaelm@5116 92 .TP 3
michaelm@5116 93 \-X
michaelm@5116 94 Display information about non\-standard options.
michaelm@5116 95 .RE
michaelm@5116 96
michaelm@5116 97 .LP
michaelm@5116 98 .SS
michaelm@5116 99 Options shared with javac
michaelm@5116 100 .LP
michaelm@5116 101 .RS 3
michaelm@5116 102 .TP 3
michaelm@5116 103 \-d dir
michaelm@5116 104 Specify where to place processor and javac generated class files
michaelm@5116 105 .TP 3
michaelm@5116 106 \-cp path or \-classpath path
michaelm@5116 107 Specify where to find user class files and annotation processor factories. If \f2\-factorypath\fP is given, the classpath is not searched for factories.
michaelm@5116 108 .RE
michaelm@5116 109
michaelm@5116 110 .LP
michaelm@5116 111 .LP
michaelm@5116 112 Consult the javac(1) man page for information on \f2javac\fP options.
michaelm@5116 113 .LP
michaelm@5116 114 .SS
michaelm@5116 115 Non\-Standard Options
michaelm@5116 116 .LP
michaelm@5116 117 .RS 3
michaelm@5116 118 .TP 3
michaelm@5116 119 \-XListAnnotationTypes
michaelm@5116 120 List found annotation types.
michaelm@5116 121 .TP 3
michaelm@5116 122 \-XListDeclarations
michaelm@5116 123 List specified and included declarations.
michaelm@5116 124 .TP 3
michaelm@5116 125 \-XPrintAptRounds
michaelm@5116 126 Print information about initial and recursive \f2apt\fP rounds.
michaelm@5116 127 .TP 3
michaelm@5116 128 \-XPrintFactoryInfo
michaelm@5116 129 Print information about which annotations a factory is asked to process.
michaelm@5116 130 .TP 3
michaelm@5116 131 \-XclassesAsDecls
michaelm@5116 132 Treat both class and source files as declarations to process.
michaelm@5116 133 .RE
michaelm@5116 134
michaelm@5116 135 .LP
michaelm@5116 136 .LP
michaelm@5116 137 \f3Note\fP: Because these options are non\-standard, they are subject to change without notice.
michaelm@5116 138 .LP
michaelm@5116 139 .SH "NOTES"
michaelm@5116 140 .LP
michaelm@5116 141 .LP
michaelm@5116 142 The \f2apt\fP tool and its associated API contained in the package \f2com.sun.mirror\fP have been deprecated since JDK 7 and are planned to be removed in the next major JDK release. Use the options available in the \f2javac(1)\fP tool and the APIs contained in the packages \f2javax.annotation.processing\fP and \f2javax.lang.model\fP to process annotations.
michaelm@5116 143 .LP
michaelm@5116 144 .SH "SEE ALSO"
michaelm@5116 145 .LP
michaelm@5116 146 .RS 3
michaelm@5116 147 .TP 2
michaelm@5116 148 o
michaelm@5116 149 javac(1), java(1)
michaelm@5116 150 .RE
michaelm@5116 151
michaelm@5116 152 .LP
michaelm@5116 153