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#include "transport.h"
#include "FrameID.h"

struct bag;

typedef struct PacketInputStream {
    jbyte *current;
    jint left;
    jdwpError error;
    jdwpPacket packet;
    struct bag *refs;
} PacketInputStream;

void inStream_init(PacketInputStream *stream, jdwpPacket packet);

jint inStream_id(PacketInputStream *stream);
jbyte inStream_command(PacketInputStream *stream);

jboolean inStream_readBoolean(PacketInputStream *stream);
jbyte inStream_readByte(PacketInputStream *stream);
jbyte* inStream_readBytes(PacketInputStream *stream,
                          int length, jbyte *buf);
jchar inStream_readChar(PacketInputStream *stream);
jshort inStream_readShort(PacketInputStream *stream);
jint inStream_readInt(PacketInputStream *stream);
jlong inStream_readLong(PacketInputStream *stream);
jfloat inStream_readFloat(PacketInputStream *stream);
jdouble inStream_readDouble(PacketInputStream *stream);
jlong inStream_readObjectID(PacketInputStream *stream);
FrameID inStream_readFrameID(PacketInputStream *stream);
jmethodID inStream_readMethodID(PacketInputStream *stream);
jfieldID inStream_readFieldID(PacketInputStream *stream);
jlocation inStream_readLocation(PacketInputStream *stream);

jobject inStream_readModuleRef(JNIEnv *env, PacketInputStream *stream);
jobject inStream_readObjectRef(JNIEnv *env, PacketInputStream *stream);
jclass inStream_readClassRef(JNIEnv *env, PacketInputStream *stream);
jthread inStream_readThreadRef(JNIEnv *env, PacketInputStream *stream);
jthreadGroup inStream_readThreadGroupRef(JNIEnv *env, PacketInputStream *stream);
jobject inStream_readClassLoaderRef(JNIEnv *env, PacketInputStream *stream);
jstring inStream_readStringRef(JNIEnv *env, PacketInputStream *stream);
jarray inStream_readArrayRef(JNIEnv *env, PacketInputStream *stream);

char *inStream_readString(PacketInputStream *stream);
jvalue inStream_readValue(struct PacketInputStream *in, jbyte *typeKeyPtr);

jdwpError inStream_skipBytes(PacketInputStream *stream, jint count);

jboolean inStream_endOfInput(PacketInputStream *stream);
jdwpError inStream_error(PacketInputStream *stream);
void inStream_clearError(PacketInputStream *stream);
void inStream_destroy(PacketInputStream *stream);

#endif /* _INSTREAM_H */