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#ifndef _JVM_DTRACE_H_
#define _JVM_DTRACE_H_

 * Interface to dynamically turn on probes in Hotspot JVM. Currently,
 * this interface can be used to dynamically enable certain DTrace
 * probe points that are costly to have "always on".

#ifdef __cplusplus
extern "C" {

#include <sys/types.h>

struct _jvm_t;
typedef struct _jvm_t jvm_t;

/* Attach to the given JVM process. Returns NULL on failure.
   jvm_get_last_error() returns last error message. */
jvm_t* jvm_attach(pid_t pid);

/* Returns the last error message from this library or NULL if none. */
const char* jvm_get_last_error();

/* few well-known probe type constants for 'probe_types' param below */

#define JVM_DTPROBE_METHOD_ENTRY         "method-entry"
#define JVM_DTPROBE_METHOD_RETURN        "method-return"
#define JVM_DTPROBE_MONITOR_ENTER        "monitor-contended-enter"
#define JVM_DTPROBE_MONITOR_ENTERED      "monitor-contended-entered"
#define JVM_DTPROBE_MONITOR_EXIT         "monitor-contended-exit"
#define JVM_DTPROBE_MONITOR_WAIT         "monitor-wait"
#define JVM_DTPROBE_MONITOR_WAITED       "monitor-waited"
#define JVM_DTPROBE_MONITOR_NOTIFY       "monitor-notify"
#define JVM_DTPROBE_MONITOR_NOTIFYALL    "monitor-notifyall"
#define JVM_DTPROBE_OBJECT_ALLOC         "object-alloc"
#define JVM_DTPROBE_ALL                  "*"

/* Enable the specified DTrace probes of given probe types on
 * the specified JVM. Returns >= 0 on success, -1 on failure.
 * On success, this returns number of probe_types enabled.
 * On failure, jvm_get_last_error() returns the last error message.
int jvm_enable_dtprobes(jvm_t* jvm, int num_probe_types, const char** probe_types);

/* Note: There is no jvm_disable_dtprobes function. Probes are automatically
 * disabled when there are no more clients requiring those probes.

/* Detach the given JVM. Returns 0 on success, -1 on failure.
 * jvm_get_last_error() returns the last error message.
int jvm_detach(jvm_t* jvm);

#ifdef __cplusplus

#endif /* _JVM_DTRACE_H_ */