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8131929: Add option for debuggable scopes Reviewed-by: attila, lagergren
author hannesw
date Wed, 18 Nov 2015 17:12:47 +0100
parents 07fdc97e6fc1
line wrap: on
line source
object AND object: object
true AND non-falsey global int: int
non-falsey global int AND true: boolean
non-falsey object AND true: boolean
true AND non-falsey object: object
object OR object: object
true OR non-falsey global int: boolean
non-falsey global int OR true: int
non-falsey object OR true: object
true OR non-falsey object: boolean
false OR true: boolean
falsey global int AND true: int
falsey global int OR undefined: undefined
logical not falsey global int OR undefined: boolean
false OR undefined: undefined
false OR falsey global int: int
logical not falsey global int OR falsey global int: boolean
local undefined AND non-falsey global int: undefined
true AND local undefined: undefined
local undefined AND non-falsey local int: undefined
local undefined OR true: boolean
true OR local undefined: boolean
non-falsey local int AND true: boolean
true AND non-falsey local int: int
true AND double logical not non-falsey local int : boolean
false AND non-falsey local int: boolean
non-falsey local int OR true: int
false OR true: boolean