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6705887: Compressed Oops: generate x64 addressing and implicit null checks with narrow oops Summary: Generate addresses and implicit null checks with narrow oops to avoid decoding. Reviewed-by: jrose, never
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#include "incls/_precompiled.incl"
#include "incls/_assembler_windows_x86_32.cpp.incl"

void MacroAssembler::int3() {

//  The current scheme to accelerate access to the thread
//  pointer is to store the current thread in the os_exception_wrapper
//  and reference the current thread from stubs and compiled code
//  via the FS register.  FS[0] contains a pointer to the structured
//  exception block which is actually a stack address.  The first time
//  we call the os exception wrapper, we calculate and store the
//  offset from this exception block and use that offset here.
//  The last mechanism we used was problematic in that the
//  the offset we had hard coded in the VM kept changing as Microsoft
//  evolved the OS.
// Warning: This mechanism assumes that we only attempt to get the
//          thread when we are nested below a call wrapper.
// movl reg, fs:[0]                        Get exeception pointer
// movl reg, [reg + thread_ptr_offset]     Load thread
void MacroAssembler::get_thread(Register thread) {
  // can't use ExternalAddress because it can't take NULL
  AddressLiteral null(0, relocInfo::none);

  movptr(thread, null);
  assert(ThreadLocalStorage::get_thread_ptr_offset() != 0,
         "Thread Pointer Offset has not been initialized");
  movl(thread, Address(thread, ThreadLocalStorage::get_thread_ptr_offset()));

bool MacroAssembler::needs_explicit_null_check(intptr_t offset) {
  return offset < 0 || (int)os::vm_page_size() <= offset;