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// set frame size and return address offset to these values in blobs
// (if the compiled frame uses ebp as link pointer on IA; otherwise,
// the frame size must be fixed)
enum {
  no_frame_size            = -1

# include "incls/_c1_Defs_pd.hpp.incl"

// native word offsets from memory address
enum {
  lo_word_offset_in_bytes = pd_lo_word_offset_in_bytes,
  hi_word_offset_in_bytes = pd_hi_word_offset_in_bytes

// the processor may require explicit rounding operations to implement the strictFP mode
enum {
  strict_fp_requires_explicit_rounding = pd_strict_fp_requires_explicit_rounding

// for debug info: a float value in a register may be saved in double precision by runtime stubs
enum {
  float_saved_as_double = pd_float_saved_as_double