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6896099: Integrate CMS heap ergo with default heap sizing ergo 6627787: CMS: JVM refuses to start up with -Xms16m -Xmx16m 7000125: CMS: Anti-monotone young gen sizing with respect to maximum whole heap size specification 7027529: CMS: retire CMSUseOldDefaults flag Summary: Simplify CMS heap sizing code, relying on ergonomic initial sizing consistent with other collectors for the most part, controlling only young gen sizing to rein in pause times. Make CMS young gen sizing default statically cpu-dependant. Remove inconsistencies wrt generation sizing and policy code, allowing for the fixing for 6627787 and 7000125. For 7027529, retire the flag CMSUseOldDefaults which had been introduced as a bridge from JDK 5 to JDK 6 a number of years ago. Reviewed-by: brutisso, poonam
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#include "utilities/globalDefinitions.hpp"
#include "utilities/macros.hpp"

// Sets the default values for platform dependent flags used by the runtime system.
// (see globals.hpp)

// For sparc we do not do call backs when a thread is in the interpreter, because the
// interpreter dispatch needs at least two instructions - first to load the dispatch address
// in a register, and second to jmp. The swapping of the dispatch table may occur _after_
// the load of the dispatch address and hence the jmp would still go to the location
// according to the prior table. So, we let the thread continue and let it block by itself.
define_pd_global(bool, DontYieldALot,               true);  // yield no more than 100 times per second
define_pd_global(bool, ConvertSleepToYield,         false); // do not convert sleep(0) to yield. Helps GUI
define_pd_global(bool, ShareVtableStubs,            false); // improves performance markedly for mtrt and compress
define_pd_global(bool, CountInterpCalls,            false); // not implemented in the interpreter
define_pd_global(bool, NeedsDeoptSuspend,           true); // register window machines need this

define_pd_global(bool, ImplicitNullChecks,          true);  // Generate code for implicit null checks
define_pd_global(bool, UncommonNullCast,            true);  // Uncommon-trap NULLs past to check cast

define_pd_global(intx, CodeEntryAlignment,    32);
// The default setting 16/16 seems to work best.
// (For _228_jack 16/16 is 2% better than 4/4, 16/4, 32/32, 32/16, or 16/32.)
define_pd_global(intx, OptoLoopAlignment,     16);  // = 4*wordSize
define_pd_global(intx, InlineFrequencyCount,  50);  // we can use more inlining on the SPARC
define_pd_global(intx, InlineSmallCode,       1500);

#ifdef _LP64
// Stack slots are 2X larger in LP64 than in the 32 bit VM.
define_pd_global(intx, ThreadStackSize,       1024);
define_pd_global(intx, VMThreadStackSize,     1024);
define_pd_global(intx, ThreadStackSize,       512);
define_pd_global(intx, VMThreadStackSize,     512);

define_pd_global(intx, StackYellowPages, 2);
define_pd_global(intx, StackRedPages, 1);
define_pd_global(intx, StackShadowPages, 3 DEBUG_ONLY(+1));

define_pd_global(intx, PreInflateSpin,       40);  // Determined by running design center

define_pd_global(bool, RewriteBytecodes,     true);
define_pd_global(bool, RewriteFrequentPairs, true);

define_pd_global(bool, UseMembar,            false);

// GC Ergo Flags
define_pd_global(intx, CMSYoungGenPerWorker, 16*M);  // default max size of CMS young gen, per GC worker thread