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michaelm@5177 22 .TH native2ascii 1 "10 May 2011"
michaelm@5177 23
michaelm@5177 24 .LP
michaelm@5177 25 .SH "Name"
michaelm@5177 26 native2ascii \- Native\-to\-ASCII Converter
michaelm@5177 27 .LP
michaelm@5177 28 .LP
michaelm@5177 29 Converts a file with characters in any supported character encoding to one with ASCII and/or Unicode escapes, or visa versa.
michaelm@5177 30 .LP
michaelm@5177 31 .SH "SYNOPSIS"
michaelm@5177 32 .LP
michaelm@5177 33 .nf
michaelm@5177 34 \f3
michaelm@5177 35 .fl
michaelm@5177 36 \fP\f4native2ascii\fP\f2 [options] [inputfile [outputfile]]\fP
michaelm@5177 37 .fl
michaelm@5177 38 .fi
michaelm@5177 39
michaelm@5177 40 .LP
michaelm@5177 41 .SH "DESCRIPTION"
michaelm@5177 42 .LP
michaelm@5177 43 .LP
michaelm@5177 44 \f2native2ascii\fP converts files that are encoded to any character encoding that is supported by the Java runtime environment to files encoded in ASCII, using Unicode escapes ("\\uxxxx" notation) for all characters that are not part of the ASCII character set. This process is required for properties files containing characters not in ISO\-8859\-1 character sets. The tool can also perform the reverse conversion.
michaelm@5177 45 .LP
michaelm@5177 46 .LP
michaelm@5177 47 If \f2outputfile\fP is omitted, standard output is used for output. If, in addition, \f2inputfile\fP is omitted, standard input is used for input.
michaelm@5177 48 .LP
michaelm@5177 49 .SH "OPTIONS"
michaelm@5177 50 .LP
michaelm@5177 51 .RS 3
michaelm@5177 52 .TP 3
michaelm@5177 53 \-reverse
michaelm@5177 54 Perform the reverse operation: Convert a file encoded in ISO\-8859\-1 with Unicode escapes to a file in any character encoding supported by the Java runtime environment.
michaelm@5177 55 .br
michaelm@5177 56 .br
michaelm@5177 57 .TP 3
michaelm@5177 58 \-encoding encoding_name
michaelm@5177 59 Specifies the name of the character encoding to be used by the conversion procedure. If this option is not present, the default character encoding (as determined by the \f2java.nio.charset.Charset.defaultCharset\fP method) is used. The \f2encoding_name\fP string must be the name of a character encoding that is supported by the Java runtime environment \- see the
michaelm@5177 60 .na
michaelm@5177 61 \f4Supported Encodings\fP @
michaelm@5177 62 .fi
michaelm@5177 63 document.
michaelm@5177 64 .br
michaelm@5177 65 .br
michaelm@5177 66 .TP 3
michaelm@5177 67 \-Joption
michaelm@5177 68 Pass \f2option\fP to the Java virtual machine, where \f2option\fP is one of the options described on the reference page for the java(1). For example, \f3\-J\-Xms48m\fP sets the startup memory to 48 megabytes.
michaelm@5177 69 .RE
michaelm@5177 70
michaelm@5177 71 .LP
michaelm@5177 72