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6336885: RFE: Locale Data Deployment Enhancements 4609153: Provide locale data for Indic locales 5104387: Support for gl_ES locale (galician language) 6337471: desktop/system locale preferences support 7056139: (cal) SPI support for locale-dependent Calendar parameters 7058206: Provide CalendarData SPI for week params and display field value names 7073852: Support multiple scripts for digits and decimal symbols per locale 7079560: [Fmt-Da] Context dependent month names support in SimpleDateFormat 7171324: getAvailableLocales() of locale sensitive services should return the actual availability of locales 7151414: (cal) Support calendar type identification 7168528: LocaleServiceProvider needs to be aware of Locale extensions 7171372: (cal) locale's default Calendar should be created if unknown calendar is specified Summary: JEP 127: Improve Locale Data Packaging and Adopt Unicode CLDR Data (part 1 w/o packaging changes. by Naoto Sato and Masayoshi Okutsu) Reviewed-by: erikj, sherman, peytoia
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