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7087570: java.lang.invoke.MemberName information wrong for method handles created with findConstructor Summary: REF_invokeSpecial DMHs (which are unusual) get marked explicitly; tweak the MHI to use this bit Reviewed-by: jrose, twisti
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date Tue, 26 Feb 2013 11:05:26 +0000
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# JPRT rule to build this workspace


jprt_build_product:  all images
	( $(CD) $(OUTPUTDIR)/j2sdk-image && \

jprt_build_fastdebug: fastdebug images
	( $(CD) $(OUTPUTDIR)/j2sdk-image && \

jprt_build_debug: debug images 
	( $(CD) $(OUTPUTDIR)/j2sdk-image && \

# Phonies to avoid accidents.
.PHONY: jprt_build_product jprt_build_fastdebug jprt_build_debug