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#include "jdwpTransport.h"


void exitTransportWithError(char *msg, char *fileName,
                            char *date, int lineNumber);

typedef struct SharedMemoryConnection SharedMemoryConnection;
typedef struct SharedMemoryTransport SharedMemoryTransport;

typedef void * (*SharedMemAllocFunc)(jint);
typedef void  (*SharedMemFreeFunc)(void);

jint shmemBase_initialize(JavaVM *, jdwpTransportCallback *callback);
jint shmemBase_listen(const char *address, SharedMemoryTransport **);
jint shmemBase_accept(SharedMemoryTransport *, long, SharedMemoryConnection **);
jint shmemBase_attach(const char *addressString, long, SharedMemoryConnection **);
void shmemBase_closeConnection(SharedMemoryConnection *);
void shmemBase_closeTransport(SharedMemoryTransport *);
jint shmemBase_sendByte(SharedMemoryConnection *, jbyte data);
jint shmemBase_receiveByte(SharedMemoryConnection *, jbyte *data);
jint shmemBase_sendPacket(SharedMemoryConnection *, const jdwpPacket *packet);
jint shmemBase_receivePacket(SharedMemoryConnection *, jdwpPacket *packet);
jint shmemBase_name(SharedMemoryTransport *, char **name);
jint shmemBase_getlasterror(char *msg, jint size);

#ifdef DEBUG
#define SHMEM_ASSERT(expression)  \
do {                            \
    if (!(expression)) {                \
        exitTransportWithError("assertion failed", __FILE__, __DATE__, __LINE__); \
    } \
} while (0)
#define SHMEM_ASSERT(expression) ((void) 0)

#define SHMEM_GUARANTEE(expression) \
do {                            \
    if (!(expression)) {                \
        exitTransportWithError("assertion failed", __FILE__, __DATE__, __LINE__); \
    } \
} while (0)