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8004234: Downgrade normative references to ${java.home}/lib/security/krb5.conf Reviewed-by: alanb, weijun
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@@ -43,10 +43,15 @@
     You can provide the name of your default realm and Key Distribution
     Center (KDC) host for that realm using the system properties
- and Alternatively, you 
-    can provide an MIT style configuration file called krb5.conf in
-    <java-home>/lib/security. If you place this file elsewhere, you can
-    indicate that location via the system property<p>
+    {@code} and {@code}.
+    Both properties must be set.
+    Alternatively, the {@code} system property can
+    be set to the location of an MIT style {@code krb5.conf} configuration
+    file. If none of these system properties are set, the {@code krb5.conf}
+    file is searched for in an implementation-specific manner. Typically,
+    an implementation will first look for a {@code krb5.conf} file in
+    {@code <java-home>/lib/security} and failing that, in an OS-specific
+    location.<p>
 <h2>Package Specification</h2>