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1 The utilities in this directory can be used to determine
2 common issues in javadoc comments by running the standard
3 "tidy" program on the output of javadoc, and analysing
4 the messages that are reported.
6 is a script that will run the "tidy" program on
7 the files in a directory, writing the results to a new
8 directroy.
10 tidystats.Main is a Java program that can analyze the
11 files produced by the script to generate a
12 summary report about the warnings that were found.
15 The tests is this directory are focussed on verifying
16 that doclint detects issues in javadoc comments that will
17 give rise to issues detected by "tidy" in the output
18 generated by javadoc.
20 For more information on the "tidy" program, see the HTML Tidy
21 Library Project page at