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7151492: Encapsulate check logic into Attr.ResultInfo Summary: ResultInfo class should be used to make attribution code transparent w.r.t. check logic being used Reviewed-by: jjg, dlsmith
author mcimadamore
date Mon, 26 Mar 2012 15:28:22 +0100
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line wrap: on
line source TestConstructor(T), TestConstructor(K) setT(K), setT(T) compiler.err.prob.found.req: T, T compiler.err.cant.apply.symbol.1: kindname.method, setT, java.lang.Object,, kindname.class, TestC<T>, (compiler.misc.arg.length.mismatch)
- compiler.note.unchecked.filename:
- compiler.note.unchecked.recompile
4 errors