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#ifndef _JAVA_PROPS_H
#define _JAVA_PROPS_H

#include <jni_util.h>

/* The preferred native type for storing text on the current OS */
#ifdef WIN32
#include <tchar.h>
typedef WCHAR nchar;
typedef char nchar;

typedef struct {
    char *os_name;
    char *os_version;
    char *os_arch;

    char *sun_arch_abi;

    nchar *tmp_dir;
    nchar *font_dir;
    nchar *user_dir;

    char *file_separator;
    char *path_separator;
    char *line_separator;

    nchar *user_name;
    nchar *user_home;

    char *format_language;
    char *display_language;
    char *format_script;
    char *display_script;
    char *format_country;
    char *display_country;
    char *format_variant;
    char *display_variant;
    char *encoding;
    char *sun_jnu_encoding;
    char *sun_stdout_encoding;
    char *sun_stderr_encoding;

    char *printerJob;
    char *graphics_env;
    char *awt_toolkit;

    char *unicode_encoding;     /* The default endianness of unicode
                                    i.e. UnicodeBig or UnicodeLittle   */

    const char *cpu_isalist;    /* list of supported instruction sets */

    char *cpu_endian;           /* endianness of platform */

    char *data_model;           /* 32 or 64 bit data model */

    char *patch_level;          /* patches/service packs installed */

    char *desktop;              /* Desktop name. */

#ifdef MACOSX
    // These are for proxy-related information.
    // Note that if these platform-specific extensions get out of hand we should make a new
    // structure for them and #include it here.
    int httpProxyEnabled;
    char *httpHost;
    char *httpPort;

    int httpsProxyEnabled;
    char *httpsHost;
    char *httpsPort;

    int ftpProxyEnabled;
    char *ftpHost;
    char *ftpPort;

    int socksProxyEnabled;
    char *socksHost;
    char *socksPort;

    char *exceptionList;

    char *awt_headless;  /* java.awt.headless setting, if NULL (default) will not be set */

} java_props_t;

java_props_t *GetJavaProperties(JNIEnv *env);
jstring GetStringPlatform(JNIEnv *env, nchar* str);

#endif /* _JAVA_PROPS_H */